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Amphitheater the ancient buildings which were staged death. In ancient Rome, the amphitheater was the place where they were set up fights between gladiators or between them and wild animals.

The clashes took place in the arena, which was sometimes flooded to organize real naval battles. Around its perimeter, placed on large steps, tens of thousands of screaming spectators to watch the cruel performances. The oldest amphitheater in stone as we know it was built in Pompeii around 80 B.C. .: Campania, indeed, was the region where the gladiatorial games always were followed.

In Rome, however, still in the time of Julius Caesar shows were held in an amphitheater built entirely of wood. Statilius Taurus was that in 29 B.C. he built a stone in the City, but it was not until Vespasian and his son Titus to see built, 80 A.D., the most monumental of amphitheatres, the Flavio, also known as the Coliseum.

Built on the site formerly occupied by the lake of Pharaonic residence of Nero – the golden Domus -, it could accommodate about 50,000 spectators in its concentric steps, which formed the auditorium.

 In ancient Rome the shows that took place in the amphitheater lasted from sunrise to sunset: the spectators, then spent several hours of the day by attending various kinds of fights: fights between gladiators and wild beasts (venationes), just duels between gladiators (gladiatorial munera) and – but more rarely – naval battles in the arena flooded (naumachiae). The shows staged in the amphitheaters were particularly loved by the people who, in addition to the wild ride of chariots and horses that took place in the circus, he preferred the violent fighting in which men and animals were destined to find a bloody death. The Roman citizen, in fact, was accustomed to war and was educated as a young man to fight.



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Amphitheater the ancient buildings which were staged death.