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Welcome, I am the admin of this fantastic community. The community splits into three topics: Aliens & UFOs, Archaeology, Astronomy. If you too are interested in knowledge, you are welcome! Look and comment my videos,  I want the opinion and the testimony of all, our mission is knowledge !! Pretend to be at the bar with friends.


Aliens & UFOs and life beyond our.Aliens & UFOs and life beyond our.

The extraterrestrial term refers to any object coming from outside the planet Earth. It can be related to material such as meteorites or forms of life outside Earth. The existence (past or present) of extraterrestrial life forms is currently only hypothetical since they are never found clear evidence of complex organisms outside of the Earth’s biosphere, but the huge number of galaxies and therefore planets with characteristics very similar to our statistically likely makes their existence.

Archeology mysterious or alternative Archeology.Archeology mysterious or alternative Archeology.

The mysterious archeology, also known as Fant archeologic,  alternative archeology or pseudoarchaeology,  is a kind of pseudo-archeology which gives a non-scientific interpretation of archaeological finds or assumed. Anything that does not conform to the scientific method used in archeology is considered pseudoarcheology.


Astronomy spatial and outer space.Astronomy spatial and outer space.

Astronomy spatial and outer space (hereinafter called space) is the void that exists between the heavenly bodies. It is not completely empty but contains a low density of particles: especially plasma of hydrogen and helium, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, and neutrinos. The theory suggests that also contains dark matter and dark energy.


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