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A disquieting image, which reproduces a semi-human fetal form twisted on itself, is the latest and most concrete evidence to support the growing conviction that we are not alone in the Universe. The discovery was made in the stratosphere above the salt terraces of Bonneville, Utah, in America, thanks to a probe attached to special stratospheric balloons, pushed by shock waves, generically used in the world of astronomy and research space. The organism was captured by Professor Milton Wainwright and his team at Sheffield University, who have long been studying life outside the Earth.

Professor Wainwright sent the “balloons” into the stratosphere, about 30 km above the Earth’s atmosphere, to collect minute particles from Space.

The matter collected from the surface of the device revealed a sinister organism hidden among the traces of stratospheric debris. Wainwright is convinced that this is an important proof of the existence of ALIENS.

Analysis shows that the “extraterrestrials” particle contains the three basic elements that make up the constituent elements of life: Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Unlike previous similar discoveries, the strange entity was perfectly symmetrical. Another indication of its possible nature. Among the previous discoveries of Professor Wainwright, in his search for organic life forms in space, we find particles that showed residual organic characteristics. Wainwright argues that not only ALIENS exist, but that minimal traces of extraterrestrial life, including their DNA, continuously rain on Earth from space: the so-called Panspermia

It is as if the extraterrestrial particles that violate the Earth’s atmosphere were “sowing” our planet. However, the latest discovery perplexed scientists because of its unusually large size and its mysterious fetal appearance. The Bonneville Salt Flats are famous for being one of the places on Earth that have proved to be the most contaminated by ALIEN microbes. They have just taken a sample from the probe sent into the stratosphere and have isolated this strange form of otherworldly life. The particle seems to contain only Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen and shows a bilateral symmetry such that, if a line was drawn through its center, it would have the same appearance on both sides. Professor Wainwright insists that there is no way that he could have flown from the Earth, precisely because of its high molecular weight, which makes it impossible to hypothesize to have escaped the gravity of our planet. The only conclusion is that there are biological entities living on other planets, which sometimes come off and end up floating in space.

If these organisms came from the Earth, there would be residues of grass particles on balloons of similar size. But since there is no sieve in the high-altitude atmosphere that retains the pollen or grassy filaments, it is more natural to deduce that these are organisms that have entered the stratosphere from the outside. The most logical deduction is that they are coming to Earth somewhere in space. The theory of Panspermia could also explain the birth of life on our planet, including that of human beings, perhaps from other worlds. It is also suggested that ALIEN DNA is an engine for the evolution of viruses and bacteria, infectious organisms that increase their charge after taking unidentified genetic material.

A hypothesis that arouses concern and poses the problem if dormant germs of diseases such as Ebola or the Zika virus can somehow be solicited and become even more virulent, due to the integration of external (non-terrestrial) DNA into their genome.

Professor Wainwright invited NASA to invest in research to find a solution, by tracing all the organic particles similar to the organisms present on Earth within the Solar System. We simply need that NASA or the European Space Agency spend a small part of the large amount of money they invest to confirm the findings. No one has yet found a rational alternative explanation for what has been discovered. In other words, the Earth is continually filled with biological elements from space, some of which may be alive. Regardless of this, it is clear that they bring new information, which may have influenced the evolution of life on Earth in the past, and in the future?

Alien seed, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Alien seed, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

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