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An alien abduction is the alleged seizure of human beings by the UFOs, considered a real phenomenon by some supporters of the UFO. Numerous people around the world would have expressed the belief that they were abducted by alien beings and carried on board spacecraft or in difficult-to-reach places, such as underground military bases, claiming to have undergone medical examinations. The phenomenon of alien abduction emerged in the early 1960s, but in recent decades there has been an exponential increase in the number of people claiming to be abducted by aliens. If we wanted to use sociological categories, we could say that, above all, in the United States, a real subculture has emerged from stories about abductions: this subculture is now developing in such a way as to give rise to a unitary cultural organism. We will now look at some of the basic features found in abductions.

Usually, victims are transported by aliens aboard their spaceships or while they are driving their cars or even while they sleep in their homes. In abductions that occur in the kidnapping bedroom, alien visitors demonstrate that they have the ability to pass through the walls and remain suspended in the air. They also demonstrate that they also have the ability to take over the total control of their victims who are often immobilized and thus unable to oppose the actions of aliens who seem to be endowed with telepathic and paranormal powers as well. When victims of alien abductions are taken aboard UFOs, they often suffer humiliating and traumatic situations. Moreover, they often run on them all kinds of medical tests, usually in large rooms on cold operating tables. 

Another very interesting and disturbing feature found in the accounts of kidnappers is the fact that aliens act as if they were commanded by one mind so much that some authors have advanced the hypothesis that they have a collective conscience that can be found, for example, in ants of an anthill. Usually kidnapped people say they have experienced a strong sense of fear during their experience although sometimes it happens that aliens tell their victims that what is happening to them is not aimed at causing kidnapping or humankind but on the contrary abductions take place for the good of our planet and its inhabitants. As strange justification of their behavior sometimes the aliens show abducted images of human destruction and suffering in order to remind the kidnappers that they have to work hard to prevent apocalyptic events. Also, very often, there are strong sexual connotations in the behavior of aliens: they often take ovules from women and sperm from humans and rarely have sexual relations with their victims (it is to be noted that about 80% of the victims of the Kidnappings are women) sometimes happens as aliens transplant or remove hybrid fetuses from women’s womb. At the end of the kidnapping, individuals are brought to their beds or wherever they find themselves at the time of the kidnapping, but sometimes they are abandoned to themselves in a different place.

In most cases, kidnapping victims only keep a little memory or do not remember anything about their traumatic experience so that they can remember their experience almost exclusively thanks to the massive use of hypnosis. In summary, we can say that the abduction scenario comes almost exclusively from hypnotic regression to which abducted people are subjected. After summarizing the basic characteristics found in kidnapping stories we find it appropriate to point out that in the experiences of the victims of the abductions there are a number of important characteristics that can not affect the historians of religions as such characteristics are part of the religious dimension. First, the encounter with the strangely powerful stranger aliens of human beings is similar to the idea of meeting with the “Other” that is fundamental in all religious systems. In the religious universe, the “Other” can be both a God or a being that in general transcends the human dimension. 

Second, seeing lights, having strange signs, doing trips out of the body, mysterious healing experiences, images of global destruction, a strong sense of love or fear are all common elements in kidnapping experiences but each of these elements can Be easily found in traditional religious systems. Third, the messages that some kidnapped claim to have received from aliens bring to mind the messages that many people claim to have encountered with supernatural beings claim to have had their encounter with the “Other”. Fourth, many abducted people are convinced of being elected because they are convinced that aliens have entrusted them with a very important mission. Likewise, in many religious traditions, there are people who are convinced that they have received important missions from supernatural entities in the interest of mankind. Fifthly, there are many evidence that various elements of modern rapeseed are modern versions of stories that are part of European folklore.

For example, there are many similarities between the stories provided by people who in the past claimed to have been kidnapped by the “little people” or the fairies and tales provided by the victims of alien abductions. To make a concrete example, the loss of the sense of time often present in abductions is a well-known phenomenon in European folklore since people claiming to have been stolen from fairies were in turn lost in the sense of time. We must also point out that in the Middle Ages many Christ-Christian people reported falling under the power of nightmares and succumbs, terrifying demons visiting people in their bedroom for sexual intercourse with such people (nightmares They had sexual intercourse with women and succumbs with men). As we said earlier, it is not uncommon in abductions that alien captives have sexual relations with the abducted. We must not forget that in some myths of the traditional Greek and Roman pagan religion it was claimed that the gods and goddesses were in contact with humans and from such sexual relations were born heroes, semi-divine beings.  

We also have to keep in mind that in some cases abductors have acquired paranormal powers or have gained a strong interest in religion or in any case for mystical issues. It should not be forgotten that a number of kidnappers have undergone a strong personality change, which often happens to individuals claiming to have had a meeting with supernatural entities. We think it is appropriate to say something else about the changes of the personality and worldview that occur not rarely in kidnappings. They often seem like people who have received a rite of initiation (these rituals were frequent in mysterious religions and are still common in the world of esotericism). Indeed, individuals who have undergone any initiation rite end up greatly altering both their own personality and their own vision of the world. Even a number of kidnappers believe that they are part of an elected minority, to which truths have been revealed not to the reach of ordinary human beings, and this awareness often leads to a change in personality and the way of perceiving reality in the kidnapping.

We want to point out that even the initiates of any religious or esoteric group came to know of truths and secrets absolutely unknown to common uninitiated individuals. For these reasons we can say that there is a certain similarity between alien abduction and the religious phenomenon of initiation. To put it another way, it almost seems that a number of kidnappers are considered individuals initiated by aliens and therefore opposed to the majority of other people who are excluded from direct contact with aliens. In conclusion, we must also say that abductors often form associations to help each other. To make a concrete example of a famous kidnapping, Budd Hopkins founded the Intruder Foundation, a research and counseling institution with the help of which people who had experienced the alien abduction could meet, exchange their views and Share their feelings and emotions.

According to the reports of these meetings, the people who participated in these meetings used them to test their beliefs and to show the various physical signs that supported their allegations of kidnapping. It goes without saying that even in the religious universe, individuals belonging to a given religion often gather among themselves not only to celebrate certain religious rites but also to support each other from a psychological point of view. We are convinced that not only ufologists but also sociologists and historians of religions must carefully study the claims of subjects who have been abducted by aliens in order to seek to understand which entities hide behind this disturbing and sinister phenomenon and what are The real purposes they pursue. In our view, these similarities between the religious universe and the universe of alien abductions are not random and the study of such similarities could provide us with important elements to try to better understand this important element of UFO phenomenology.

Alien rape, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Alien rape, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Alien rape