Alien prophecy, in the near future the Earth will be hit by a meteor shower. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

I had the opportunity to meet Timothy Good during the presentation of the book ALIEN BASE, in which the author dedicated part of the story of the Close Encounters of his friend Filiberto Caponi, one of the few in the world to have shown the first photographs of an extraterrestrial being.

In that meeting with Timothy, we also talked about the case of Holloman, or the encounters with alien beings by the former American president Eisenhower. These meetings, ventilated for many years but never confirmed by members of the government, would take place in February 1954, inside the Holloman Air Force Base, in New Mexico.

At the meeting, Timothy Good explained, they also participated in the senior FBI leaders and members of the high command of the US Department of Defense: Every time the president had to move, to keep the meetings secret without causing suspicion, everyone was told that Eisenhower yes he was on vacation in Palm Springs or was at the dentist. In those meetings, Eisenhower was convinced that the aliens wanted to help us. So, according to rumors, Eisenhower and his staff would be witnessed the landing of the flying saucer of alien visitors, who however asked the then president to consider the idea of ​​making public the news of their presence on our planet.

Of course the initiative was ignored, otherwise we were not here to talk about it. There would also be evidence of this meeting, enclosed in some videos that I personally managed to view, but in a small part, in 1997, thanks to the intervention of my friend Robert Dean, one of the many non-commissioned officers which he had in the ’70s, to meet alien delegations, but not in that circumstance. As said, the news is not new, but only now seems to find confirmation of a certain weight. The reason why the Aliens wanted to meet the US leader, no one seems for the moment to know for sure. Personally, like few others, are supporters of the theory that Extraterrestrials come to peace to help us and indeed, in meetings with our species, have even tried to warn us of “future changes” planned from 2004 onwards, geophysical events that would go to influence the planet itself, (in fact all this is already happening) and former President Eisenhower was convinced of this too.

Some alleged military witnesses and Remote Viewing claim that the Grays warned Eisenhower of a phenomenon that affects the Earth every 25,000 revolutions around the Sun (equivalent to about 25 thousand years, a period of time that would coincide with the closure of the Mayan Calendar, then after 2012).

Now our planetary system, which carries out a complete revolution around the galactic center that occurs once every 200 million years, stands passing through the spiral arms of the Milky Way. Between a galactic arm and another there is a dark area called Dark Rift and in this area, during the passage of our planetary system, we can find a high density of interstellar stars and gases. In this section besides the interstellar gas there are comets, asteroids and many other space debris.

Passing through the areas of the Dark Rift greatly increases the likelihood of several close encounters with spatial objects such as comets, asteroids and small planetoids, which could lead to events, in principle, able to destroy most living organisms on Earth as soon as possible. Most scholars are also attracted to another option: perturbations due of the gravitational influence of the dense stellar environment, could violate the stability of the cometary cloud (Oort Cloud) on the periphery of the Solar system, thus pushing a large comet to hit the planet Earth.

All of this can also bring unpleasant consequences for the Earth. For this reason our planet is cyclically hit by large meteorites. The Aliens told Eisenhower about this problem reminding him that in the future there would be big problems concerning the transit of these spatial fragments. For the opportunity the gray aliens would have reported to the president of the United States that not even they were able to protect us from the fragments of large asteroids. The only possibility for our species, suggested the Grays, was to join forces with all the countries of the world whole and to construct a sort of spatial shield or baffle. The ET would have helped us for sure if the humans had set theirs aside greed, arrogance, selfishness and greed for power. A story that in many ways is incredible, since from the end of the Mayan Calendar (December 21, 2012) no to today have increased so exponential impacts of meteorites on our planet. It is no coincidence that confirming such a story, where it is the same meeting with the Aliens and the then US President D. Eisenhower to be questioned, is currently impossible, but I can only tell you that I myself witnessed that incredible video of the meeting at Holloman, where one could observe three luminous objects, one of which, the central one, he began a descent to the base and then landed de natively. The alien and terrestrial delegation gathered at the table in a building on the base same, of Viale Marte. Now we must also ask why, Timothy Good and other (ex) military witnesses, have decided to reveal the details of those meetings only in these last times? In addition, Good had a good financial reward for his participation in the television program, in which he presented the his testimony, later recounted in one of his last editorial work. So the loot was too greedy for not letting go to imaginative revelations of sure interest? December 21st 2012 has passed and natural disasters and devastations of all kinds are happening on our planet, in addition to the rains of meteors and solar storms, which as proeittyls are falling on the Earth. Perhaps the “Grays” were right. In that fateful meeting with Holloman, we lost a great opportunity, that of becoming a galactic humanity.

Alien prophecy, in the near future the Earth will be hit by a meteor shower. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Alien prophecy, in the near future the Earth will be hit by a meteor shower. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

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