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The alien invasion is a classic theme that concerns a possible attack on planet Earth by extraterrestrial entities.

This theme tends to be recurrent in historical periods characterized by the fear of a real invasion.

Historical UFOs, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Historical UFOs

Often the invading extraterrestrials are at a technological level similar to that of humans or slightly more advanced, so these stories have been criticized as unrealistic: it is hard to believe that a civilization in possession of interstellar travel has not reached an extremely high technological and scientific level advanced, clearly superior to that of mankind.

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Interstellar journey

In 1898 H.G. Wells published The War of the Worlds, staging an invasion of Victorian England by Martians endowed with sophisticated armaments. Today this novel is seen as the prototype of the stories of alien invasion and Wells is credited with the idealization of several themes on extraterrestrials. Before the publication of The War of the Worlds, there were still stories of aliens and alien invasions. Most of the best known scenarios on the alien invasion see extraterrestrials landing on Earth, exterminating or subjugating the population, fighting and defeating (thanks to the superior technology) the terrestrial armed forces and destroying the main cities.

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Earth origins

Most of the time the narrative is centered on the battles between the invaders and the human armies. Some scholars have described a more disturbing mode of invasion than that based on explicit violence: the secret invasion. In fact, the aliens may have already invaded us, perhaps masquerading as human beings, infiltrating a fifth column or gradually conquering the highest world positions, waiting for the day when their number or their power will allow them to openly expose themselves.

Column of the Ancient Astronauts. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


The hidden infiltration of aliens is also a central theme in the UFO conspiracy theory.

Alien occupation can resort to numerous invasion stories. In short, aliens win and occupy Earth or human civilization, at least until a human resistance movement defeats aliens and / or their puppet governments.

Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Infected governments

Many stories of occupation are the mirror of real historical invasions conducted by totalitarian governments, such as Nazi Germany; in this scenario the invading aliens support the existing human governments that welcome their new alien masters or repress opposition governments and rebuild them in their own image, reinforcing their role through the use of collaborators, informers and secret police.

Nazi UFOs, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Nazi UFOs

Aliens unable to sustain a large-scale invasion, due to their small number, can perform rather than raids, exploiting the shock of their own coming to inspire terror. Other stories on this subject see aliens conducting reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions to test the response of the human population and in particular of the terrestrial military forces. The aliens will also try to choose isolated targets, such as desert or rural areas of the United States, as an area for conducting tests or for disembarking. This type of plot gives better possibilities to small groups, such as local police or even ordinary civilians, to repel invaders and return to normal life after the event. In narrative, the theme of alien altruistic invasion, for charitable purposes, has instead been explored on rare occasions. In this kind of stories, the invaders, in a sort of “green men’s burden”, colonize the planet in an attempt to spread their culture and “civilize” the “barbarians” indigenous inhabitants, or they secretly observe the terrestrial saving them from themselves. The theme shares many traits with that of hostile occupations, but the invaders tend to see the occupied population as people to be instructed or equal rather than as tools and slaves. Another variation on the theme of the alien invasion is the demonic invasion, in which the invaders are supernatural beings or otherwise demonic creatures of religious inspiration, who infiltrate the Earth, attack humanity, take over the human society (transvestite) as humans themselves) and move “war on the saints”, fulfilling the events described in John’s Apocalypse or other religious prophecy, sometimes invented specifically for history. The mass immigration of an alien population on Earth can be seen, subjectively, as a form of “invasion”. In this case the characters are not warlike aliens but rather the mild extraterrestrial refugees with no way back to their home planet, who do not try to take control of the world but instead aspire to a peaceful coexistence.

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It happens that two or more of the variants described above are combined together. For example, aliens may initially infiltrate the society, then, after gaining the trust of humans, suddenly start to destroy the cities, seizing the terrestrial by surprise. Another example of this is a double episode of the TV series Stargate SG-1 in which the alien Aschen race makes friends with humans and freely shares their advanced technology and medicine in exchange for Stargate addresses. But it soon becomes clear that aliens are planning the gradual disappearance of the human race by making people of both sexes sterile.

Alien invasion, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Alien invasion, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Alien invasion