Alien Bible: The series of articles starts, to explain the BIBLE according to Alessandro Brizzi in Cognitio.

With this series of articles, dedicated to reading and understanding the ancient text (the Bible), I want to shed light on how it should actually be interpreted in the twenty-first century. By now we have all the necessary knowledge, to no longer believe in the tales told to us, and then analyze word by word, with a present and futuristic perspective.

I want to analyze the Bible (but I will also analyze the other sacred texts) to understand what links there can be with extraterrestrial lives. I think that each of you dear readers of my articles, and for this reason I give you an infinite bow … I think that each of you has encountered many inconsistencies, with what you have read in this sacred text, there are some peculiarities that we can define of “science fiction”, and so I decided to study them in depth, to find the truth!


The title “Genesis” means “Origin” or “Generation”. In Hebrew the book is indicated with the initial expression Bereshìt, “In the beginning”. The book of Genesis develops as a single large fresco opened by the description of the origins and then, in the largest part, all occupied by the history of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. It concludes with the story of the emigration to Egypt of Jacob and his family.

In the first part, the book deals with the great enigmas of existence: origins of the universe and of man, what is the right relationship between man and God, the problem of good and evil, of pain, of death, growth of humanity and its differentiation in the passage of time. On this background are then told the stories of a single man, Abraham, whom God chooses as his interlocutor, an instrument of blessing for his family and “for all the families of the earth”. The book then tells the story of the descendants of Abraham.

Quote from Alessandro Brizzi

So let’s start this great adventure, and analyze the word “beginning”. Who can determine when there was the beginning, if no man or better human kind was not present at the time of the beginning? At this point a plausible explanation exists! The people who were before us, the entities that occupied the same level as God, only they could know and pass on a beginning to the present day. So it is assumed that God was not alone when He created the EVERYTHING! Think about it if God is not present and has not been present (at least physically) how could he hand down to the first men everything he created?

Obviously it’s just theory, it’s just a study I want to implement to understand once and for all what actually lies behind our whole existence. I am curious, and a researcher, and I am convinced that also thanks to your participation, we will go up one step more than the men who do not read my articles. So dear readers from all over the modern world, this is just the beginning of a study that will last for years! Follow me and interact with my studies, with my theories, comment on your ideas, because I am convinced that the new Illuminati will be those who will have Knowledge!

Alien Bible: The series of articles starts, to explain the BIBLE according to Alessandro Brizzi in Cognitio.



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Alien Bible: The series of articles starts, to explain the BIBLE according to Alessandro Brizzi in Cognitio.

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