Akkad, the city of the Anunnaki? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Akkad, it is the Babylonian and Hebrew name of an important city of ancient Babylon, where the name of one of the four most important cities of the reign of the legendary king of Babel Nimrod in the land of Shinar. In the name of the Semitic Babylonian it sounded Akkadu cities, which form is no other than the ancient Sumerian name Agade, slightly path.

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Agade, that is probably Aga-de, in Sumerian means “fire crown”, and is probably said with regard to Ištar goddess, who is the star of the morning and evening, and was worshiped in ancient times to Agade. The city was located near Sippar, perhaps opposite Sippar on the opposite bank of the Euphrates, in the region that lies between the two rivers, where they are closest in their course. Agade is a foundation of King Sargon I (2637-2582 a. C.). The ancient city ruins are perhaps now at Der, where in 1891 he dug E. A. Wallis Budge. The country of Akkad the Sumerians called Uri, while their own bore the designation of Kengi. The Semites gave the two territories of Akkad and Sumer names. These names will also endeavor in Assyriology to designate the two countries. Akkad was derived from the Akkadian adjective. It is therefore also speaks a language happen, which was the language spoken by the inhabitants of the land of Akkad, the Semites of Babylonia. The name of Akkad in the country very often arises in the official titles of King Babylonians and Assyrians. Originally, the king who boasted Shar Sumerians u Akkadians “king of Sumer and Akkad” were kings of the whole Babylon, even as much of the south because of the north. Later this title was not more concrete meaning, but appointed as the SAR kiššati, the domination of a vast empire. In my point of view, we are faced with a completely new city for modern archaeologists, but at the same time perhaps as seen from the image, the oldest ever. I would like to go in this area and study what exists under this so millennial structure. This is the city of the ancient Anunnaki!

Akkad, the city of the Anunnaki? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Akkad, the city of the Anunnaki? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.