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Abydos ancient city of Upper Egypt, on the left bank of the Nile, about 530 km south of Cairo.Egypt 360

Location of an ancient cult of Khenty-Amentyw, then divinity assimilated to Osiris. Excavations have revealed remains of palaces of II dynasty and numerous stele of the royal necropolis archaic.The most famous monuments are two great funerary temples of the nineteenth dynasty, Seti I and his son Ramses II.Ramses II statue discovered in Egypt of eight meters long.

 In a necropolis located 8 km from the Nile have been unearthed twelve large ships from the Old Kingdom. Nile 360 

The city’s origins are lost in prehistory; surely there is already pre-dynastic proanthocyanidins the capital of Upper Egypt, as evidenced by the discovery of tombs and the first evidence of the presence of the temple, attributable precisely to sovereigns, called Followers of Horus, the pre-dynastic period of Naqada and Protodynastic. The kings of the dynasty and some of the Dynasty II are buried at Abydos which also rebuilt the temple. Two fortresses were built in the desert and the city of three kings of the Second Dynasty to Shunet el-Zebib. The temple and the city were rebuilt several times throughout the 30 dynasties and the necropolis was used continuously.During the Twelfth Dynasty, a large tomb was carved into the rock by Senusret III. Seti I, of the nineteenth dynasty, built a new temple in the south of the city in honor of the ancestral rulers of ancient dynasties. This temple was completed by Ramesses II who also built another temple, smaller. Merneptah added to the temple of Seti the great Hypogeum of Osiris.The last work built at Abydos was a new temple had to Nectanebo I, ruler of the XXX Dynasty. During the Ptolemaic period, the city gradually fell into disrepair and are not known new works or restorations.


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Abydos. Ancient city of Upper Egypt, on the left bank of the Nile