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61 Cygni is a binary star visible in the Swan constellation. It consists of a pair of orange stars of a smaller sequence of the Sun, which orbits around the common mass center in about 659 years.

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The components  are among the weakest stars visible to the naked eye without any optical instrument. 61 Cygni has attracted the attention of astronomers since the nineteenth century because of his high-speed motorcycle. In 1838 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, using the parallax method, measured its distance from the Earth by quantizing it in about 10.4 light years, a value very close to that of about 11.36 light years, making it one of the stars close to the Earth. During the twentieth century, astronomers announced, following astrometry measurements of the system, that they discovered the presence of one or more planets in orbit around the two components; However, recent high-precision measurements have excluded this possibility. 

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The star 61 Cygni can be identified by τ Cygni, an astonishingly easy to spot, because with the stars Deneb, Sadr and Gienah form a rectangle, of which τ constitutes the northeastern summit; Cygnus is located about a degree northwest of this star, and looks like a fifth-magnitude star just perceptible under a low-polluted sky. In the background, there is an unexpected trait of the light path of the Milky Way, which is partly due to the obscurity of the dark clouds of the Swamp Cave.

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Although with a naked eye appearing as a single star, 61 Cygni is actually a binary system consisting of a pair of orange sequence stars, 61 Cygni A and 61 Cygni B. Astronomers are not in agreement with the exact age of the system because of the different results obtained with the different methods of investigation. In fact, while measurements on spatial motions return a value close to 10 billion years. Because of its proximity to the solar system, 61 Cygni is the subject of research focused on the identification of substrate objects (planets or dwarfs); on several occasions it has been announced the presence of small invisible orbiting objects around one of the components, but none of these discoveries have been confirmed yet.

61 Cygni, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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61 Cygni, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

61 Cygni