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Zeta Reticuli, could it be the Grays’ House? The Greys (sometimes called Alien Breed Alpha, Zeta or Reticulian named after the star system ζ Reticuli).

Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system located 39.2 light years from Earth.

It is located in the southern constellation of the pattern, and consists of two Sun-like stars of the fifth magnitude and visually separated from each other by 310 arcseconds.

It is a star located southern celestial hemisphere. Its position is strongly southern Africa and this means that the star is observed mainly from the southern hemisphere, where it has also circumpolar from most temperate regions; from the northern hemisphere, its visibility is rather limited to the lower temperate regions and the tropics.

Being of the fifth magnitude is at the limit of visibility to the naked eye, therefore, to be observed without the aid of tools should be a clear sky and possibly without Moon.

The best period for your observation in the evening sky falls in the months between November and April, that is to coincide with the summer hemisphere. At first, it was thought that they were part of the population of dwarf stars of the halo of the Milky Way, but more recent studies suggest that the two stars are regarded as stars from the galactic disk and younger than previously thought, with an estimated age 1.5-3 billion of years.

Despite the kinematics suggests that the population which includes the two stars of the system, other studies chromospheric activity seem to show that in reality, the two stars are relatively young, with an age estimated at about 2 billion years. In my point of view, we must consider that the solar system is perhaps the only one with a single Sun, so it is very conceivable that Zeta Reticuli is more normal in our solar system because the Universe our gaming system is an exception. I think this affects a lot of the intelligence of the people, and so I think that the Greys are much smarter, just for this reason.

Zeta Reticuli, could it be the Grays’ House?



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Zeta Reticuli, could it be the Grays' House