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What would happen if we entered into contact with a hostile alien civilization? Here are the protocols for the “First Contact”.

For all we know now, we are alone in the universe.
The Earth is the only planet known to be inhabited by life, and we humans, we are the only intelligent beings we know. But if one day we were to meet our cosmic counterparts, what actions should be taken. Here are the protocols for the First Contact developed by scientists. For the moment, the alien civilizations are relegated to the realm of science fiction fiction and UFO sightings, often are nothing more than false alarms or events, though natural, have no known explanation. But that does not mean that alien life might not be real. Scientists are taking more and more seriously this possibility and are in search of life outside our planet. By now the entire scientific community suspect there could be life out there. I think the underlying issue concerns the question: are we alone ?. What if the answer to this question was not? And if you finally discover that we are not alone? Believe it or not, there is a plan. First we must consider that the first contact with an alien civilization can happen in two different ways: either through a radio communication sent to Earth, or with a meeting of the “Third Kind”, ie the landing of an alien spacecraft on the Earth’s surface.

Either way, the world would never be the same and our perception of life and the universe would be changed overnight. Yet, these are two very different scenarios that require specific intervention protocols for each possibility. We see in detail. SETI is the only organization in the world to have an action protocol in the event of receipt of an intelligent alien signal.

The first step, according to the SETI protocol, is to check the signal through the independent confirmation of another observatory, using different equipment and software. If the signal passes this test, it could take days, and if it is evaluated by Taskgroup as a signal produced by an artificial source, the first to be informed would be the Secretary of the United Nations, which have a small office in Vienna called the United Nations Office for Outer space Affairs (UNOOSA).

In truth, the SETI scientists, over the years, have done everything possible to try to work with the UNOOSA to the realization of an action protocol in case of alien contact, but with little success. At the moment, in fact, if the bureaucrats Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations should receive a report by the SETI, they would not know what further action should be taken. However, after having informed the UN, scientists at the SETI would communicate their findings to the entire international scientific community, and then communicate the great news to the world, taking probably a press conference. After official communications, it would fall within the Post-Detection Taskgroup into play, with the specific task of trying to decode the message, a company which could take years, if not decades. SETI, however, everyone is sure of one thing: if it came a message from an alien civilization, mankind has a duty to respond. But what to say and how to say, turns out to be a thorny issue. Some scientists argue that the SETI, once you understand where to send the signal, could also just send the contents of the entire Internet, so as to offer the aliens useful information to understand our language and understand what it means to be human.

But any eventual message should be the result of an international consensus. Perhaps more important than communicating with extraterrestrials, this whole enterprise would give us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and on the meaning of our being human. We must have a premise: in fact, no government in the world has an official plan in case of landing of an alien spaceship on Earth. This “oversight” was recently criticized during a meeting of the Royal Society of London. Many of the members are concerned that any government can take the initiative and respond to a possible first contact being guided by improvisation and causing a diplomatic incident of galactic proportions. According to British scientists, any initiative and action must be proposed and voted in the United Nations.

These are decisions that we must take as Planet! But what to expect from an extraterrestrial contact. The scenarios provide three types of potential contacts, which require a specific schedule: peaceful, neutral, hostile. In the first case, you might run into aliens eager for knowledge, explorers, traveling to Earth to expand their knowledge of the universe.

In the second case, the neutrality, we may encounter with beings so different from us, as to be unable to enter into a relationship with them.

However, both the first and in the second case, on Earth we could open the champagne. The third scenario, it could be a source of some concern more for humanity. In fact, we can not entirely rule out a hostile behavior by visitors. Here’s what could happen …

1) The world, as every day, carries out its daily activities. But a remote observatory, reports a mysterious anomaly in space. It seems to be something unusually large and it appears they are approaching the Earth. Experts are puzzled and are not sure what to do. To be sure, ask for confirmation from other planetary observers.

2) Astronomers rushed to analyze the object now is just 8000 kilometers from Earth (closer than is the moon). The object you are entering into orbit without notice. At this point, the military come into action. The US Space Command uses the global satellite positioning systems, telescopes and radar to get as much information as possible on the object approaching. The analyzes confirm that the object is not natural.

3) The US Space Command comes the final confirmation by astronomers: the incoming object is a spacecraft controlled flight: this is an alien spacecraft! The next step is to try to establish radio contact: the Office of the United Nations, UNOOSA, quickly draw up a simple message to be sent to the spacecraft.

The message is transmitted simultaneously in the most spoken languages in the world: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi. But astronomers do not receive any reply to the statement sent from Earth. The US Space Command insists sending messages in the universal language of mathematics, by transmitting a sequence of prime numbers. While the alien vessel is approaching the Earth’s surface, the video screens turn white, the interrupted data flow and communications suddenly cease. It ‘s impossible to use the phone and each radio signal is inhibited. All satellites of the Earth stop working: the aliens have compromised any possibility of communication. Only optical telescopes continue to receive information.

4) The military are preparing for the worst. Squadrons of F-18, the most effective and versatile aircraft in the world, they fly. But the advanced alien technology, allowing extraterrestrials to journey through the immense cosmic distances, easily eludes attempts to attack by the F-18, which continues to fire missiles traveling at twice the speed of sound. Meanwhile, the military try to intercept and decipher the alien communications. The idea would be to undermine the alien computer systems with a cyber-attack by land. But such action takes time. Among other things, the US Air Force, in a desperate attempt to react, fielding some highly classified experimental technologies, such as the X-37B spacefighter, but without success.

5) While all the nations of the world unite and coordinate their war efforts against the invaders, aliens occupants strike the sensitive military targets around the world, before embarking on the attack of cities and civilian infrastructure. The only hope for humanity is found in nuclear weapons. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, a submarine, the Trident II, launches a ballistic missile equipped with a nuclear warhead with 3.5 megatons of destructive power. Once launched, the missile is divided into eight sub homing missiles. But the most powerful weapon of the Earth has no impact on the ship of the invaders. The world’s military command ordered a tactical retreat.

6) The alien attack is over. The invaders control the heavens and the earth. It is ordered the evacuation of large cities. Panicked, desperate crowds become crowds in revolt. There are no means of transport to help people leave the cities. For some, the only way of salvation against the alien destruction is the escape in the ground: the subway tunnels and sewers provide a temporary shelter from the burning city. According to experts, the destruction of civilization must be put into account when developing a strategy to combat a possible alien invasion. Although the military defeat is rather predictable, it does not mark the end of the war. Among the terrestrial survivors, hidden in caves, forests and deserts, it grows the seed of resistance.

7) With the destroyed cities, the human survivors are on the run. The urban chaos and failed evacuation have killed thousands of people on the first day. The procurement of canned food, clean water, flashlights, batteries and knives becomes vital. But the real key to long-term survival is to do with the other group. Some survivors retain what remains of human technology, simple connecting devices: walkie-talkies, radios and old telegraph lines.

8) The survivors fight the aliens with urban guerrilla tactics of low-tech and small explosives. The alien forces have ventured too far from home and can not count on the arrival of reinforcements, which means that every unit lost will not be replaced. It is a critical weakness. New bacteria and diseases develop among survivors devoid of antibiotics and other drugs, but paradoxically, become a new weapon in the possession of mankind. A unit of biological warfare is preparing to spread a deadly pathogen among the invaders.

9) The aliens are forced to retreat to the enormous losses suffered. A man’s victory over alien technology. The success, rather than by tactics and weapons, was determined by the Human Spirit, which has evolved in over 200,000 years. And ‘the dawn of a new era for humanity, determined to rebuild civilization on Earth on new knowledge bases. The awareness of not being alone in the universe will push the land no longer move as individual nations, but to act as a Humanity, Humanity of the Earth. And who knows that all this is not happened in the distant period? in ancient times?



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