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Vedas. 1st chapter on the study of the Ancients. The Vedas are an ancient collection of sacred texts from the Arii peoples who invaded around the 20th century BC in Vedic Sanskrit. Northern India, constituting the Vedic religious civilization, becoming, from our age, works of paramount importance to that differentiated set of doctrines and religious beliefs under the name of Hinduism. The term Vedic Sanskrit see means “knowing”, “Knowledge“, “wisdom”, and corresponds to the advent of vaēdha, to ancient Greek οἷδα (ϝοἷδα, to read “can not”) to Latin video (Cognitio-Universal knowledge in video). Cognitio orginal

Vedic literature originates from a people, the Arii, which around 2200 BC He migrated to northwestern IndiaIndia

Another grouping of this people, the Iranians, always coming from the same area, invaded the present Iran by founding a religious culture that was subsequently partly collected in the Abbey. It was therefore in the area of northern Afghanistan that the Vedas acquired their first religious and linguistic features. So I wonder and wonder how do these two cultures connect? India and Iran? Do you have to deal with ancient Mesopotamia?Mesopotamia On the road, before the alphabet.

The central element of the religious beliefs of the Arii was the Ṛta or the cosmic law, and its “guardian” Asura Varuṇa, focusing on religious sacrifice in sacred drink, Soma and the rite of fire. Looks like the case Ṛta, familiar sound is similar to the god of ancient Egypt RaRa

With the entry of these Arii peoples in northern India, and with the ensuing military clashes with the indigenous peoples, the heroic IndraIndra warrior God gained religious significance. In the Hindu religion, Indra is the Lord of thunder and God of thunderstorm, rain, and magic.

It is the greatest deity Deva. Indra is the Warrior God, the Protector of the Arii, who guides them in their conquests. His figure is gigantic, he has bearded and blond hair wrapped in a turban and marches in battle on a wagon drawn by two saurian horses brandishing in the hand the Vajra, a weapon symbolizing the lightning, or the network of Indra, the wizard’s symbol, and the illusionist. Indra is a great drinker from Soma, a typical beverage of the Vedic sacrifice, who drinks in large quantities before the fights. The city of Indra is Amaravati, located near Mount Meru.Amaravati, location Indian Union, in the State Andhra Pradesh.

Why in ancient texts like the Vedas, do you always talk about Gods?

And why are they always represented as Giants?

With the help of Knowledge and with your help, I will try to open the minds of each of us, studying and observing ancient texts, which is the only evidence that we can examine in concrete terms.

Veda. 1st chapter on the study of the Ancients.



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Vedas. 1st chapter on the study of the Ancients.