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Vatican curiosity: even “theirs” are God’s children! As in heaven, so on earth, or in heaven and on earth! Ufologists friends, today I want to propose a video documentary that can disrupt the perception of the religion itself. The very perception of the most widespread religion in the world, or Catholicism, to date, there has been explained in a certain way, well, it is not so !! The Bible is clear! “They” exist !! “They” are the sons of God as are humans. Bible

Friends I’m Italian, so I know the Vatican city, as I know the Pope and the church. In this area many times the different religions are opposed, but the basic rule is that now a little all religions are adapting to the tests. What evidence? simply that “they” are, in fact, in the video you can see and possibly increase your knowledge! The truth is now served on a silver platter, we just have to be clever enough to accept it. In many cases, knowledge is inconvenient to religions, yet really do not understand why, but it’s true unfortunately. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church in recent years, has modernized its offices, by implanting an observatory to peer extraterrestrial phenomena. So I wonder, and I say, taking into consideration that the Arab religion worships an extraterrestrial rock blackish located in Mecca, we can finally say that “they” have existed for millions of years? I I think that the time has come to reveal to the world, or rather the whole universe substantial truth. I will fight to infinity to do to know the truth! this is my only mission primary. If now all religions of the human world, can understand the importance of the discovery, because humans can not discover the universe that surrounds him?

Vatican curiosity: even “theirs” are God’s children!



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Vatican curiosity: even "theirs" are God's children!