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UFOs biological entities, capable of living in interstellar space? And if instead of alien spacecraft, some UFOs were living beings that normally inhabit the cosmic void? “Zeroid” is the generic term used for these hypothetical creatures that may inhabit the remote recesses of interstellar space.

The habitats of these creatures would be characterized by atmospheric temperature and pressure of zero. All the details of a fascinating theory. Biologists believe that outer space, due to the absence of pressure and temperature close to absolute zero, is not suitable to the birth and development of life. But Vitalii Iosifovich Goldanskii, a professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry Nikolai Nikolaevich Semenov, and member of the Academy of Science of Russia, in an article published in 1997 on Pure and Applied Chemistry, argued the possibility that appreciable quantities of prebiotic material may accumulate surrounding regions nebulae or gigantic gas clouds stationed in the universe. With the passage of time, such materials for the same laws that enabled the birth of life on our planet, may have evolved in some form of life, adapting to extreme conditions such as those of the universe. No wonder that life could develop in such adverse environmental conditions. Also on the planet Earth are known life forms capable of living in natural habitats until recently considered hostile to life.

UFOs biological entities, capable of living in interstellar space?

Just think of the extremophile bacteria, organisms capable of surviving temperatures and pressures unimaginable. The latest discovery in this direction is made by Hans Roy, the Danish University of Aarhus. The researcher has unearthed some bacteria that were buried “alive” for 86 million years in the deep ocean. In support of the Russian astrophysicist theory, it must be said that already tens of organic compounds have been identified in space, such as some formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and even the cellulose. Long story short, out there there would be an abundance of organic elements such as to allow the evolution of life also in the form of “zeroids”. In fact there would exist several images that might give some clues in support of the fascinating theory. In 1976, in Cluj-Napoca region, Romania, materialized what appeared to be a “sphere of living light” that showed a much animal behavior! The photographs capture the entity have passed all the authenticity test. Another case, however, dates back to 1978, in British Columbia. The researcher Dorothy Wilkinson snapped the first of a long series of images showing the bizarre like string light shapes and resemble a sort of “space worms”! A strange picture is kept in the photo of NASA.

To take the picture was the crew of shuttle mission STS-105, launched into orbit 10 August 2001 from the Kennedy Space Center. The photograph appears to show the outline of what has the whole area to be a snake that “swims” on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. What could it be? It ‘difficult to determine the object’s size because you do not know how far is the photo was taken.

UFOs biological entities, capable of living in interstellar space?




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UFOs biological entities, capable of living in interstellar space