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UFO seen while leaving the orbit of Saturn? A mysterious image has sparked debate between enthusiasts and skeptics. Yet, something has disturbed the orbital millennial peace of Saturn’s rings. What is it? A spectacular image sent from the Cassini spacecraft shows a disturbance in the outer ring of Saturn, so as to capture the attention of the same NASA

According to experts of NASA, the fault was not caused by Pandora, one of the moons of Saturn. The hypothesis is that the disorder was caused by a small embedded object in the ring itself. As explained in the press release NASA, because these heavenly bodies that lie in the ring F are small, it is difficult to detect the available resolution of the Cassini probe. Instead, the effects of their presence are easily detectable, as in this case. But for hunters for aliens like me, the explanation of NASA is not enough, because the pictures would show the effect of the passage of an extraterrestrial vehicle. It seems that the UFO was on stand-by on the ring of the planet, and then suddenly turn on the engines and leave the orbit of Saturn, a drone might be hidden there for a very long time.

In my opinion, while wanting to take good explanation of NASA, what would cause the change of the orbit of one of the myriad objects that form the rings of Saturn? It is not the first time that Saturn is to the UFO headlines.  In August of 2010, another photo of Cassini (PIA 11662 – unobtainable image on the site of NASA, yet the catalog number exists) set the buzzer in the UFO community: a mysterious object passes through the rings of Saturn, leaving her wake. In January 2011, Cassini takes a curious cylindrical object in the vicinity of Saturn’s rings. January 2012. NASA releases a picture where we see a curious shadow cast on the gaseous surface of Saturn. What produces it? Finally, in March 2014, here is what the hunters aliens called ‘Huge Mother Ship’. In short, it stated that these images show ‘unidentified’ objects, one would think that Saturn is a favorite outposts by aliens!

UFO seen while leaving the orbit of Saturn?



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

UFO seen while leaving the orbit of Saturn