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UFO reports on the Moon

: there is a secret base on the moon?
Strange objects taken from NASA cameras mounted on the International Space Station are doing discuss scientists, astronauts and fans. More and more people also insist that their telescopes and their cameras reveal an increasing number of UFO around our satellite. What happens on the Moon?

Recently, many curious sightings were reported by professional and amateur astronomers in the vicinity of the Moon over the decades. Today, a site like Youtube allows you to upload, share and watch all the alleged alien sightings affecting our satellite. Of course, all that glitters is not gold. The problem with many of these videos is the fact that do not carry any kind of description or specific information that help to enhance the authenticity of the video, so, very often, it is difficult to distinguish what is real from what has been achieved with a digital software.

But the lunar anomalies are not a new phenomenon. The first unusual observations date back to 1700. The first astronomers, struggling with the wonderful invention of the telescope, often noticed the mysterious flashes appear on the surface of the Moon. In 1869, in Britain, the Royal Astronomical Society conducted a thorough study of strange lights that appeared to orbit the moon. After several observations, it was not possible to observe the unusual phenomenon. July 29, 1953, John J. O’Neill, science columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, with his telescope observed in the Crisium Sea area, a huge object about 12 miles, similar to a bridge. Other observers, including Hugh Percy Wilkins of the British Astronomical Association, confirmed the sighting of O’Neill on the lunar surface. The object, which became known as O’Neill’s Bridge, was officially explained as a combination of light and shadow, so an optical effect.

Finally, to report the story of the Apollo flights to the moon between 1960 and 1970, in which they tell dozens of stories of alleged UFO encounters by NASA astronauts. In an interview a few years ago, it was just Buzz Aldrin, member of the first manned landings on the Moon, describing the UFO that has accompanied them throughout their long lunar mission.

For years he chases the rumor that on the Moon there would be a secret alien base. According to some, this would be the real reason that prompted the 60s the two political giants, the United States and the Soviet Union to take the “Space Race“. Being first on the moon, grab meant a wealth of knowledge and alien science that would have meant a technological leap forward for dozens of years. According to the conspiracy theorists, the assumptions about the existence of alien moon base would be two: one would like the alien base is now abandoned for centuries, remains of an ancient alien race who visited and lived on our planet in the distant past, perhaps to dawn of the appearance of man on Earth.

The other, however, corroborated by recent video showing UFO activity around our satellite, would like the alien base is currently inhabited and used by aliens. Indeed, according to some, it would be the outpost of alien activity on Earth.



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