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Ufo marine and arctic according Prikhodko. The captain of the first rank Vladimir Prikhodko, director of a public research organization for underwater studies, noted that Russia, the United States, and China are spending billions in space, when you may need to spend money here … Down in the depths of the sea, under blue polar caps, where, he says, are hiding gigantic alien machines.

For decades, the Russian military has tracked down UFOs and aliens coming and going from the northern and southern hemispheres of the world.

Military bases that have the expertise, technologies, and equipment used for this research are sometimes nothing short of magical.

Prikhodko has revealed the incredible case of Dr. Rubens Dzh.Villela, a famous Arctic explorer who, along with a service officer and an experienced pilot, has seen the departure of a Silver object, and that is’ directed towards the sky from the ice-covered sea floor.

The men were sailing aboard a big ship Russian icebreaker during a naval operation called Deep Freeze in the North Polar region. According to the testimony of Dr. Dzh. Villela and two crewmen on the bridge with him, they were shocked because the object suddenly appeared from under the ice: “Something came out ‘out of the water … He broke the solid ice, often about three meters, and a huge silver object disappeared in the sky. Huge blocks of ice have been raised to hundreds of meters high, the sound hit the ice mounds and water have formed huge bubbles. This suggests that a huge energy potential had just been liberated. “In 1997, Prikhodko said: “For a sea depth of six kilometers, near the Bellingshausen station, a camera, has a captured oval shaped object that emitted an intense inner light. The footage was examined by experts of the Royal Institute of Oceanology. The conclusion is unequivocal: these structures can only be of artificial origin.

Ufo marine and arctic according Prikhodko.

“The data on UFOs of the Russian Navy, presented by the former captain of the USSR Vladimir Azhazha and former vice president and head of the navigation section of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the Academy of Sciences, reveal that about “50% of meetings with UFOs, are connected with the oceans and 15% of the lakes. So UFOs tend to the water element explicitly, then the collection of marine data on UFOs, are of particular value. “Captain Prikhodko added that, during another Russian naval exercise, “The measuring device of the Underwater movement marked a speed of 150 knots! Some went to 450 km / h! A modern submerged submarine can reach up to 45 knots. “The mysteries of the depths of the oceans are as deep as those of outer space, Prikhodko said: “The problem is that humanity does not have too much interest in the deep sea. Perhaps this is a big mistake., “He said sadly.

Ufo marine and arctic according Prikhodko.



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Ufo marine and arctic according Prikhodko.