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Ufo boating, dives into the lake issyk kul (Kyrgyzstan)? In the photographic archive of NASA, I found three curious images taken by the shuttle astronauts see where it seems the sinking of an unidentified flying object in the waters of the salt lake Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan.

A photographic artifact, a natural object or unequivocal evidence that UFOs like to hide in the remote stretches of water? I identified three images taken during the STS-106 Shuttle mission took place in September 2000.

The photos were taken while the shuttle was in orbit near the International Space Station, on top of the water of Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan’s territory. The images appear to show an unidentified Flying Object engaged in a gradual at the approach the mirror of water until it disappears in its waters. The Russian Navy recently declassified dossiers in which are recorded encounters with unidentified objects, and apparently technologically superior to those built by man.

The papers date back to Soviet times and were drawn up by a special group of officers, a deputy to the collection of anomalous reports. A leader of the group was the Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, deputy commander of the Soviet Navy. Vladimir Azhazha, a former officer of the Navy and famous Russian UFO researcher, believes that it is extremely valuable material, “Fifty percent of these UFO encounters are connected with oceans and fifteen percent has to do with the lakes”. So, the conclusion is that UFOs tend to hide in the water.

Which has its own logic, given that the water is able to shield some radiation, making more difficult the detection of a possible spacecraft or alien probe. In one of the files, it reads the sighting of six unidentified objects from a submarine in the Pacific combat mission. Failing to “seed” the mysterious underwater visitors, the captain ordered him to bring the submarine to the surface. The six objects followed suit, reaching the surface and then fly off in the upper Atmosphere.

Ufo boating, dives into the lake issyk kul (Kyrgyzstan)?



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Ufo boating, dives into the lake issyk kul (Kyrgyzstan)