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Trajan’s Column is a monument erected in Rome to celebrate the conquest of Dacia by Emperor Trajan: it evokes all the highlights of that territorial expansion. This is the first column circular never raised. It was located in the Forum of Trajan, in a small courtyard behind the Basilica Ulpia between two libraries, where a double loggia on the sides it facilitated reading. It is possible that a closer view you could have going on hedging terraces Aisle of Ulpia Basilica or those that probably covered the porticoes in front of the two libraries. A reading “abbreviated” was also possible without the need to turn around the shaft of the column to follow the whole story, following the scenes according to a vertical order, given that their overlapping in the different coils appears to follow a consistent logic. The Trajan’s Column was an absolute novelty in ancient art and became the most advanced point of arrival for the Roman historical relief. In Trajan’s Column, we see for the first time in Roman art in an art form born legitimately autonomous in every aspect.

The circular column was inaugurated in 113, with a long spiral frieze that wraps from the bottom up, on the whole stem of the column and describes the wars of Dacia (101-106), perhaps based on the Commentaries of Trajan lost and perhaps even the artist direct experience. The inscription of the Fast Ostiense has also bequeathed to us the inauguration date, May 12. The column had a practical function, testifies, that is, remember the height of the hill saddle before the excavation for the construction of the Forum and to welcome the emperor’s ashes after her death. In addition, the spiral frieze reminded all the enterprises of Trajan celebrating it as a military commander. The column remained standing even after the ruin of the other buildings of the complex Trajan and was always attached great importance: a medieval document of the Senate in 1162 he established the public property and it forbade corruption.



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Trajan's Column is a monument erected in Rome.