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The Nordic giants or ancient aliens? In Germanic mythology – and particularly in the Norse, on which you have more information – the giants are among the predominant figures, from the same cosmogony. The giants in fact existed since before the world, which originated from the body of a giant, Ymir, often correlated with Yama of Indian mythology. As in other Indo-European mythologies, giants of Norse mythology are the ancestral chaos that threatens constantly rational and ordered world of the gods. Many of the most terrible monsters that inhabit the land are giants or offspring of giants. The mythological Norse tradition states that in the hour of Ragnarök, the “twilight of the gods” that will end the world, the giants attack the divine city of Asgard, emerging victorious from the clash. The lack of sources prevents to get to know the original religion of the Germans: their sources (archaeological, runes and poems) are often difficult to interpret, while the Greek and Latin sources are late and poorly objective for the implicit difficulty in understanding cultures unrelated to those of their world. We know the Germanic, the Aesir and the Vanes, thanks mainly to the Scandinavian sources. In their mythology there are many similarities with other euro-Asian cultures, which indirectly testify to a number of external influences is difficult to disentangle from the “original” content of German culture, also because of the lack of homogeneity among the various tribes. Asi and rooms reminiscent of the Asuras and Devas Indo-Iranian, while the Norns recall the greek-Roman Fates that govern human destiny; Odin, as present at the passage between life and death, is similar to Hermes, while Thor is similar to Ares. The rooms are more attributable to the worship of the earth and fertility, as stewards of wealth, peace and fertility of land and sea. Tacitus wrote in Germany that the Germans did not have a priestly caste or religious effigies, or sanctuaries, or sacred sites, although it is not entirely correct, because they were found anthropomorphic religious representations, remains of temples and there were priests. One of the most important religious centers was Uppsala, in Sweden, where there was a temple dedicated to the three gods Odin, Thor and Freyr. Then there were shamans who mediated between the world of the living and the spirits. In my point of view, all over the world and in addition, we are seeing every day to incredible events, or we study things that make us shudder, why? because “they” have always existed from before the arrival of the human race, so I think they are human guests of the world!


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