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Things to Know About OSIRIS-REx, the game probe at a time of the asteroid Bennu to take samples and bring them back to Earth.

This is the third mission of the US space agency’s New Frontiers program, after sending the New Horizons spacecraft in the orbit of Pluto, and that of Juno probe to Jupiter.

however, for the first time, the probe will return back with the “pieces” of asteroid to study. 101955 Bennu is a dark asteroid. The goal is to deepen the knowledge of the fundamental ingredients of the solar system, as well as studying the possible defenses against the risk of collision with asteroids.

The journey to the asteroid and back will cost about 800 million dollars (about 710 million euro). It will last a minimum seven years. The probe will carry out a tour around the Sun, then the Earth will pass through a close on September 22, 2017.

Only in August 2018 Bennu will appear the size of a pixel, before the “eyes” of the spacecraft. In the following two years, as you move towards the target, OSIRIS-REx will study the asteroid’s topography, in order to identify the best spot to land and take a sample. If all goes well, they say the leaders of the mission, the withdrawal will be made in July 2020 but the probe will not start before March 2021, so there is a margin of time to adjust.

Always according to plan, the probe will come near the Earth and September 17, 2023 will release the capsule that will contain the collected asteroid fragments. The capsule will fall to Earth at about 45,000 kilometers per hour …… and it will take seven days to reach the Earth’s atmosphere.

Come near our planet, the capsule, weighing fifty pounds, thanks to two parachutes will slow, which should help you make a soft landing in the Utah Test Range, 24 September 2023. As for the OSIRIS-REx probe, will left in a solar orbit.


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