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Dear readers or listeners, after publishing my recent article, the first contact, I had another dream.



Good morning, good evening or simply good night, for those who have learned to read and to see my articles, now knows me very well, I’m Alessandro Brizzi, aka Alessandro Morabito Brizzi. Today, after I woke up from a long sleep, remained inside my mind, an incredible dream, I think it’s a continuation of the previous dream. Well now I will describe: the dream is continued precisely the last point of the end of the previous dream, when the strange being with my similarities, he said to me that he was my On the Same, which according to my research means “myself ” At this point, I asked him: “why are you like me?” and he said “this is a question too general, I can not answer this, but I can tell you and explain the purpose of my visit”. Then at that point, with my big surprise I say “ok, so tell me why you’re here,” and he “first, to explain the future of your life, you need to know you right now, you’re located in a gravitational limbo, you think you’re sleeping but it is not so, this is one of our most advanced technologies. “ At this time I felt like a feeling of panic and fear, then I ask right away, “but who are you, what do you want from me?” and he “expects this question can be answered only later, not now.” Him again “let me continue my explanation, and then you’ll have all the time to ask me questions,” and I said “ok, then continues,” and he “must know that your planet, a few thousand years ago, were issued three special books where names: Necronomicon, the Teaser which is the book that humans call Voynich Manuscript, and the third book called Somnium. Now the dream is interrupted, and I come introduced in today’s reality, my friends crazy, crazy, this story is incredible but true …. …. I think at this point I do not know what to believe …..


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