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Sunbeam!! Are they storming? UFO climate. Friends ufologists I welcome you to this new video, with it I will see and understand what they can do new alien technologies, it’s amazing this video because it shows how actually an alien Spaceship, can create a powerful beam of light that looks like vaguely the rays of fire that emitted the ships of various cartoons, we watched as kids. 

With this video, you can see how advanced alien technologies can change the climate … Because “they” should change the climate ?? Simple … “they” do not have an evolutionary history like ours, descend on planet Earth under the guise of water, rain, then fall on the open sea, and then re-emerge from the waters with equalities reptilian, and then evolve and take shape human. 

Ray of fire!! Because you have to understand that unlike the human race, the Reptilians have a different growth process from our own, have three phases: the first phase is to generate water from storms in the sea, the second in the growth in water and development crocodile reptile, the third step is to look for his companions who are now several million or perhaps billion, later to become human form with the alien technology such as holograms.

Surely many of you will not believe this story, consider it as nonsense, but it is not as friends if I tell you this if I say this is because I know “them,” I know their history. You have to understand that only by studying and observing passionately produce an answer. What do you think friends? tell me what comes into your head, s compare! I would that ye compared me and between you, only with words, only with the curiosity you will get the truth!

Sunbeam!! Are they storming? UFO climate.




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Sunbeam!! Are they storming UFO climate.