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Structures dome of Siberia: Ancient Aliens? Mysterious structures are reported in the legends of the Siberian population and diaries of early explorers of the Far East of Russia.

Those who dwelt in these domes reports hair loss and strange burns on the body. According to some, it is a defense system that could also have destroyed the Chelyabinsk meteorite in February of 2013. The Republic of Yakutia (also known as Jakutia or Sakha), is located in north-eastern Russia (Siberia), south of the Arctic tundra in Russia and is known as the coldest inhabited place on the planet Earth.

 And here that you find the Siberian taiga, a vast stretch of mostly barren coniferous forest, completely unspoilt and unexplored as the Amazon jungle, and which extends over an uninhabited territory for more than 100 thousand square kilometers in the western part of Yakutia. Devoid of any kind of road, the land is mostly covered by dense forest, with numerous trees uprooted, vast marshes and consistent swarms of mosquitoes. Practically, the ideal scenario for the setting of myths and legends of strange creatures and mysterious events. And in these lands, according to local stories, dwells Chuchuna, the humanoid creature also known as Yeti or Big Foot. But there is a fascinating mystery that surrounds the Valley of Death.

Structures dome of Siberia: Ancient Aliens?

 Near the upper basin of the river Viliuy, there is a difficult to reach area that bears the marks of a tremendous cataclysm occurred about 800 years ago and that has uprooted nearly the entire forest, scattering fragments of rock for hundreds of square kilometers. The ancient name of this area is Uliuiu Cherkechekh, which results, in fact, like Death Valley, since for the locals those who venture this area can hardly get out alive. 

According to the stories of local residents, the whole area would be full of strange and unnatural metal structure in the shape of the dome, located deep in the permafrost and detectable at the surface because of their color visibly contrary to the natural vegetation. The nomadic hunters solitary described as the domes of the great iron houses (kheldyu) planted in the ground permanently frozen. It seems to be made of a metal similar to the copper in appearance but, unlike the copper, can not be scratched or damaged. Nobody has ever been able to cut even a fragment. Some of these boilers – to remind form an upturned pot – have an opening on the top, with a spiral staircase leading up to a circular gallery with several interior rooms. Despite the less than 40 ° degrees outside, hunters say that the interiors appear to be pleasantly warm.

Structures dome of Siberia: Ancient Aliens?



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Structures dome of Siberia Ancient Aliens