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Stonehenge alien, Study of origins. Ancient Aliens. Stonehenge is a Neolithic site located near Amesbury in Wiltshire, England, about 13 kilometers northwest of Salisbury on Salisbury Plain.

It is composed of a circular setting of large standing stones known as megaliths. The site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986.

As well as a destination for mass tourism, Stonehenge is now a place of pilgrimage for many followers of Celtism, Wicca, and other neo-pagan religions. The altar stone: a block of five meters of green sandstone. The main stones are composed of an extremely hard form of siliceous sandstone, which is naturally found about thirty kilometers to the north, on the Marlborough Downs. The internal structure, known as “Bluestone Horseshoe” is made up of much smaller stones, which weigh on average four tons. These stones have been extracted from the Preseli Mountains in southwest Wales. They are mainly dolorite but include examples of rhyolite, limestone, sandstone and volcanic ash. The larger stones, gneiss (weighing 25/50 tons), were cut from a distant hill 30 km from the archaeological site, the size of stones in the lower part were extracted and cut in a site that is 3 km away and partly in other locations, including one in Wales at a distance of over 200 km. William Stukeley took charge, albeit marginally, the arrangement of the stones of Stonehenge which he would call back and deliberately metaphor for the non-geocentric configuration of the solar system and its subjection to the laws of gravitation, and it would also be inspired by the perfect model, and oldest, the temple of Jerusalem. According to Newton, then, the builders of Stonehenge, the direct heirs of the biblical patriarchs, were repositories of scientific knowledge that he thought he had only rediscovered. Before the nineteenth century, John Lubbock was able to trace the place to the Bronze Age, based on the discovery of bronze objects in the nearby hills. Stonehenge is associated with the legend of King Arthur.

Geoffrey of Monmouth said that Merlin directed its removal from Ireland, where it had been constructed on Mount Killaraus, by Giants who brought the stones from Africa.

In my point of view, this legend is the only true reality of the construction of this temple, where we find legends, fantastic stories, for most of them there is always the work of “their”, in this case, the Giants are what we know as Nephilim.

Stonehenge alien, Study of origins. Ancient Aliens.



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Stonehenge alien, Study of origins. Ancient Aliens.