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Starchild, humanoid skull so different, Enigma. Discovered in Mexico in the ’30s, the Starchild skull (Son of the Stars) is still an enigma for scholars. Starting in 1999, under the ‘Starchild Project’, the unusual skull was subjected to a series of anatomical and biological tests have definitely ruled out that it is the skull of a human individual suffering from some deformity. Some people assumed that it might be an ancient human species not yet known and those who believe that the Starchild might be the skull of a human-alien hybrid. In Archeology, when you come across in the discovery of an unknown object, the first investigations carried out by the researchers aim to determine its origin.

This, of course, is a very important and delicate phase because it helps to understand if you are in front of a fake. However, modern science, with its methods and its instruments, has made it almost impossible to simulate a Relic like that of the Starchild skull. Although the origin of this curious skull is not entirely clear, the fact remains that it exists and is real, and to date, no explanation exists that can reveal its nature. The story begins in 1930 the Starchild. That was the year American teenager of Mexican descent, he went on vacation with his family in Mexico.

During a visit to a small village in the Mexican region of Copper Canyon, the girl began to explore on her own territory, discovering the tunnel of an old abandoned mine. Inside the tunnel he found a complete human skeleton lying on his back. Next to it was an area of loose soil, with what looked like a human bone tick inside. Using your hands, the little girl brought to light what was then described as one smaller than the skeleton and seemingly deformed. The young woman picked up all the bones and hid nearby, intending to come back later during his vacation. Soon, though, there was flash flooding that dispersed most of the bones over a wide area. The girl was able to find only two skulls, with that deformed partly damaged. Most of the front part of the face was missing, presenting only a small part of the upper jaw. After being collected, he took them with him at home, in Texas, in the United States, where they remained hidden for the rest of his life. The story was told only a few people. Of which I personally!


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Starchild, humanoid skull so different, Enigma.