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Spaceship, is there a ship that can carry us into the Universe? A spacecraft (also called star ship) is a spacecraft designed for interstellar travel, ie able to reach stellar systems different from the starting one. Humanity has never built a spaceship, however, many scientists (as Freeman Dyson and his Orion Project) proposed engineering assumptions regarding the possibility of undertaking interstellar travel.

Main feature of the spacecraft is the ability to travel at a speed greater than that of light. The systems to achieve this are different: some contradict the theory of relativity, the others simply wander with ingenious somersaults, while continuing to respect it. We have studied various methods to get a spaceship in other star systems without having to reach or exceed the speed of light, facing very long journeys. The first is to use automated spacecraft, without crew, or robotic probes (see Voyager Program). As for the ships manned by very long journeys, we have assumed two main systems: the generational spaceships and dorm ships. The generational ships are big arks conventionally powered, equipped with an autonomous ecosystem, designed to carry a reasonably comfortable way, on long trips even centuries, a human crew and his descendants. Currently there is no economic, social or environmental reasons to finance these interstellar migration. Many science fiction stories presuppose excessive overpopulation of the Earth or an impending planetary catastrophe to justify them.

The generational spaceship is the only system theoretically within our reach to achieve human crews in other star systems. In the dorm ships most of the occupants (or the crew) are maintained in a state of hibernation or suspended animation, you need about those spaceships that for various reasons can not serve as a generational ship, for example, when resources were not sufficient to ensure the life of the whole human load. In my point of view, the second theory is the most plausible, but why not take advantage of the alien technology that our governments have in their basements? Because all you are covering do not share it with mankind? I think that human governments with “them” have signed a kind of contract where it stipulates the prohibition of the human race not to go beyond their Solar System, that’s why there is the presence U.F.O. , To keep alive this agreement.



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Spaceship, is there a ship that can carry us into the Universe