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Something alien orbiting the Earth … is the UFO “Black Knight”? The images portray a curious object in orbit around the Earth which, in shape and size, looks totally alien compared to what we usually see. 

A mysterious object photographed by the astronauts of the Space Shuttle mission STS-88 restless souls of the UFO hunters. 

Something alien orbiting the Earth … is the UFO “Black Knight”?

Some think that it can be photographic evidence of the notorious satellite UFO “Black Knight”.In 1960, at the dawn of the space age, the United States revealed an unknown object in orbit around the Earth, a technological feat that neither America nor the Soviet Union would have been able to accomplish. What’s more, the object was so large that, with missile technology then available, it was virtually impossible to be sent into orbit. Then they began other oddities.  Operators began to receive strange coded signals. One of them said to a deep throat to be able to decode one of the transmissions, which seemed to correspond to a star map. The peculiarity of the map that was referred to the astronomical configuration of the sky as seen from Earth 13,000 years ago and which had as its point of arrival of the star system Izar, a double star located in the constellation Bootes. On September 3, 1960, seven months after the discovery of the mysterious satellite, finally a monitoring camera at the factory in Long Island of the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, snapped a photograph of the object. 

Something alien orbiting the Earth … is the UFO “Black Knight”?

According to the witnesses, the object seemed to be glowing red and its orbit was moving from east to west at a speed three times higher than that of earth satellites. The US Congress also readied a commission of inquiry, but none of that has ever been made public. Three years later, Gordon Cooper, May 15, 1963, was sent into orbit aboard Faith 7 capsule, part of the Mercury-Atlas space mission 9. Cooper orbited the Earth for 22 times, remaining in orbit in more space along the five astronauts on previous missions combined. After returning from his mission, US astronaut told the NBC during its last orbit, he saw a giant glowing green shape move at great speed in front of his capsule. NASA hastened to provide an official explanation, according to which an electrical fault had generated an increase in carbon monoxide levels within the capsule, causing hallucinations to the pilot. In this way, he was humiliated Cooper, one of the pioneers of space flight. After this episode, he felt no longer speak of  “Black Knight Satellite” for a long time, at least until 1998, when the crew of STS-88 mission took some orbital images of the Earth. In the six pictures sent from orbit, you can see the outline of an object that does not seem to the terrestrial origin. Indeed, according to some, it would be unequivocal evidence of a UFO in orbit around the Earth. The mysterious object could be the infamous “Black Knight Satellite”? It is hard to say, especially because there are no official explanations on the nature of the object in orbit. The images on the NASA website are categorized under “space debris” (space junk!) … This is only released to the general public.

Something alien orbiting the Earth … is the UFO “Black Knight”?




To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.Something alien orbiting the Earth ... is the UFO "Black Knight"?