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Skulls discovered in London from Roman times. Maybe it’s victims beheaded by Queen Boudicca, who in the first century A.D. He led the revolt against Roman rule. 

During the excavation of the new London underground train line, there has been a startling discovery: the workers have discovered more than twenty skulls of the Roman era. The remains date back to the first century A.D., they could belong to the victims of the famous British queen Boudicca, beheaded during the uprising, headed by you, against Roman rule, which occurred in 61 A.D. The discovery was made about 6 meters deep beneath Liverpool Street by workers digging through the ancient river sediments of the Walbrook River, a tributary of the Thames now disappeared. The bones and pottery shards piled in a bend of the ancient tributary, but most likely came from some nearby necropolis. These Roman skulls are only the latest of many archaeological discoveries that have marked the construction of the Crossrail project, the new railway line will pass under the city of London.

The project, which has an estimated cost of 14 billion pounds, expected to be completed in 2017. The findings cover more than 9000 years of history, from the stone artifacts of the Mesolithic to the cemetery of the Bedlam Hospital of the sixteenth century. A burial in London is never a surprise! Only for its size and for its long history, London is never too far from a necropolis, Roman and not. You could say that much of the center of London was a great place for burials! The Museum of London Archaeology and archaeologists of the Crossrail project have worked together for ten years to understand the archaeological remains could be encountered during the work and then how to deal with the excavation and recovery.

However, even though we knew we would find the cemetery of the Bedlam Hospital, we were we were not certain that we would find the Roman burials. Although finds of this era were known for this area of town, we were surprised by the large number of skulls found ..

Skulls discovered in London from Roman times.



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Skulls discovered in London from Roman times.