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Sheti Reptilian and the Hopi Native Americans tell of the existence of a race of Reptilian men who would live underground Sheti.

The Sheti, a.k.a. Snake Brothers, Lizard People, are a race of reptilian humanoids according to Hopi folklore.

Appearances: Appear as humanoid reptiles, that is reptiles who are roughly human in appearance, walking upright and with two arms, two legs, and a head. Lore: According to Hopi lore, occupy vast underground cities across the Western U.S. and extending down into Mexico and Central America. One such city is said to lie underneath modern Los Angeles, CA. The Sheti are believed to be extremely wealthy, having amassed great treasures which they store in their underground cities. Additionally, are believed to have kept a series of golden tablets that record the hidden history of the human race. In 1939, G. Warren Shufelt and partners Rex. I. McCreery and Ray Martin claimed to have found proof of the Sheti in the form of their underground tunnels and even of Sheti treasure. Powers Are strong and possess powers of mind control. The Sheti, because of the age of their species, are believed very wise and know a great deal more about the history of mankind than humans do. The rumor is that this knowledge concerns man being created by an extraterrestrial race. Defense Against Sheti: Unknown, though one may want to avoid the locations above the underground cities of the Sheti.

In my point of view, we’re talking about one of the most introverted races, because the ancient Hopi worshiped them as if they are gods? The answer is very simple, “they” have helped to change the DNA of humans, not yet know the reason, but delve searches. In depictions of statues and artifacts, the ancient Hopi not depicted what they thought, but rather what they saw!

Sheti Reptilian and the Hopi Native Americans.



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Sheti Reptilian and the Hopi Native Americans.