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Rift Valley, is one of the theories about the origins of humanity? The Rift Valley or Great Rift Valley is a vast geographical and geological formation that extends for about 6000 km north-south direction of the earth’s circumference, from northern Syria to central Mozambique.

The valley varies in width from 30 to 100 km in depth from a few hundred to several thousand meters. It is created by the separation of African and Arabian tectonic plates, which began 35 million years ago, and the separation of East Africa from the rest of Africa, the process began 15 million years. The valley its name was given by the explorer John Walter Gregory. Here the fossilized remains of an ancient primitive hominid, which was given the name Lucy were found. The Rift Valley has been a rich source of paleoanthropological finds.

The abundant sediment in the valley, from the rapid erosion of the surrounding highlands, they created an environment conducive to the preservation of human remains. You are in fact found numerous bones of hominids, the ancestors of modern human species, including those of the so-called “Lucy”, an almost complete skeleton of Australopithecus, which was discovered by anthropologist Donald Johanson.

The famous pair of anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey worked mainly in these areas. Recently the remains of two hominid ancestors: an ape dating back to 10 million years ago and called chororapithecus, found in the Afar Triangle, eastern Ethiopia, and Nakalipithecus nakayamai, also dating were found in 10 Million Years ago.

In the southernmost part of the Red Sea Rift Valley branches off in two different directions, east and south. The branch area is called the Afar Triangle or Danakil Depression, it is in Ethiopia and is probably a geological point where three tectonic plates divide and tend to move away from each other. The fork to the east forms the Gulf of Aden, and from this point on, the Rift Valley continues as part of the mid-ocean ridge. The branch to the south is often referred to as the Great Rift Valley. Of Afar between the depression and the depression of Lake Turkana, Kenya, spread the so-called Ethiopian Rift Valley, which separates the Ethiopian plateau to the west from the Somali east. Further south the Rift Valley divides into two branches, the eastern branch, and west branch.



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Rift Valley, is one of the theories about the origins of humanity