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Reptile man of Mesopotamia, 7,000 years have passed, but no answer!
The opinion of the traditional archaeologists is almost unanimous in stating that human history has begun in Mesopotamia, today’s Iraq, with the great civilizations of the Sumerians

However, in the archaeological site of Al Ubaid numerous pre-Sumerian artifacts we have been found that date back to about 7000 years ago, many of which are enigmatic humanoid reptiles with clear features. The prehistoric Ubaid culture is lived in Mesopotamia between 4000 and 5500 BC Like the Sumerians, also the origin of Ubaidian people is unknown. They lived in large settlements made of mud-brick houses, developing architecture, agriculture and cattle breeding. The residential architecture included large T-shaped houses, open courtyards, cobbled streets, a sort of preview of the Sumerian cities. Some of these villages, in fact, have begun to develop in cities, temples began to make their appearance, as well as large monumental buildings as Eridu, Ur and Uruk, the most important sites of the Sumerian civilization. According to ancient texts of Sumer, Ur was considered the first city ever existed on our planet. The first explorer to dig the Al’Ubaid site was Harry Reginald Hal in 1919. It is a small mound of about half a kilometer in diameter, with a height of about two meters above the ground. The excavation brought to light various male and female figures in different postures and in most cases it seems that they wear a kind of helmet and that they have some kind of padding on the shoulders. Other figurines hold a kind of scepter, perhaps a royal symbol of power. The most curious fact is that the features of the faces of the statues have reptilian appearance, with long heads, slanted eyes and nose similar to that of the lizards. Among the strangest statues are a few female figurines that hold a baby in her arms in the guise of a lizard.

Reptile man of Mesopotamia, 7,000 years have passed, but no answer!



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Reptile man of Mesopotamia, 7,000 years have passed, but no answer