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Raelian movement is a new religious movement based on the belief that certain scientifically advanced extraterrestrials called Elohim, would have created life on Earth through genetic engineering. The movement also believes that thanks to an appropriate combination of cloning and mind uploading, you can achieve immortality.

The Raelian Movement is founded by Claude Vorilhon, Rael renamed in 1973. According to his own account, Vorilhon would be contacted by a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, the Elohim, December 13, 1973, in the crater of an extinct volcano near Clermont-Ferrand in central France. Following what he says was revealed instructions founded the Raelian Movement, which claims to own approximately ninety thousand members in at least eighty-four different states. The greater number of affiliates is found in France, Japan, Canada (especially Quebec) and the United States (especially Florida). The Movement spreads its message via Rael’s books, Raelian meetings, and its website. The Raelians believe that life on Earth to have originated through a direct genetic cloning by an extraterrestrial civilization. According to the history of Raëlism, an explanation of the origins and the future of mankind it was transmitted to Rael by a 25,000-year Extraterrestrial named Yahweh, who came to earth in a typical spacecraft and landed in a volcano in the region of ‘Auvergne, in France, called Puy de Lassolas.

These messages were later published in the book by Rael Intelligent Design. The Raelians believe that the name Elohim, present in ancient versions of the Hebrew Bible, it refers to “those who came from the sky”, or more precisely to the humanoid extraterrestrials. The Raëlism marries the belief that through the solar astronomy mastery of earth forming processes, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering, the Elohim were able to make on our planet a new ecological system, with some organisms adapted to the chemical composition and spa Earth. In my point of view, this religion is very curious and outgoing, but I believe in what they say, but I do not think that the real creators of humankind were “they”, I am a believer in God, “they” are also children of God, but the Creator of everything is he always our God universal.



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Raelian movement is a new religious movement.