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Puerta de Hayu Brand: the ancient Gods Stargate in Peru. Archaeologists who have examined the door of the gods, they discovered a small circular depression in the center.

There are those who assume that, perhaps, this depression was the point at which you inserted a gold record. Almost 1300 km south-east of Lima, Peru, on the banks of Lake Titicaca, is a site that confuses visitors from around the world.

Shamans still frequent this place to perform rituals and offer prayers to the rock face situated on the plateau, as they have for generations. The site is known as the “Puerta de Hayu Brand”, or even as the “Gateway of the Gods”.

To see her, it remains perplexed: a giant door, carved into solid rock. It looks really access, but not lead anywhere! The site is located literally in the middle of nowhere, at over 4000 meters in height, but that rock has clearly carved a giant rectangle in the center of the rectangle, at the bottom, there is a receptacle that looks just a door.

The native Peruvians call it the “gods” door. But why create a door in the rock that leads nowhere? Is there a way to cross this access? The ancient Peruvian legends say that the Americas were once united under a single leader, and under a common spiritual tradition.

The name “America” derives from “Amaru-ca-ca” or “Ameru”, “Ameri-ca”, which means “Land of the Snake”, so named after the advent of a carrier of culture and technology known historically as Aramu Muru or Amaru (serpent / wisdom). Aramu Muru came from the ancient continent of Mu.

He had with him many technological objects, including the powerful “sun disc.” According to the natives of Peru, in that distant time, the priest king would attend many primitive tribes, after his arrival in the aftermath of the destruction of Mu and Atlantis.

With its help, the ancient American tribes were able to build the most impressive megalithic temples that still are visible in the Mesoamerican region. According to legend, the first king priest through the portal thanks to a special object that activated the opening turning the stone into a stargate.

Legend has it that this special object was to be the “gold record” that Aramu Muru had with him. He crossed the gate and no one saw him ever again.

A shaman witnessed the whole event and told it to the various tribes in the area, bringing back for several generations. Archaeologists who have examined the door of the gods have discovered a small circular depression in the center. There are those who assume that, perhaps, this depression can be the point at which you inserted a gold record. It is said that the device was made entirely of gold and various other precious stones. Anyone who was in possession could operate the port, establishing a contact with the gods. We all tend to think that this is just coincidence or imagination. Instead, it is possible that something historic is behind these legends, it is possible that this golden disc had a link with some ancient alien civilization and that it was a device with which it was possible to travel between different worlds.

This would mean taking a person physically, take it to a new location or the size and bring her back. According to local legends, these kings priests, known as “space brothers,” apparently came from other worlds. They ‘might have reached the earth through the door of the gods? In the native language of Peru, the word ‘Chacana’ indicates the constellations like the Southern Cross, Orion and the Pleiades. One of our elders said that this door is the ‘bridge to the house’.

In practice, all these legends have to do with the Space Brothers. But really there was a device that could enable this port? And if so, where he led the transition? According to my point of view, the door of the gods is the end of a wormhole, a sort of portal, which connects them to another part of the universe or to an other dimension. The gravitational tunnel is a theoretical construct based on General Relativity. The concept is that there really is the possibility that space and time are connected and that various parts of space and time are connected by a small channel. If you created this structure, it would get a shortcut between distant parts of the universe together.

The gravitational tunnels are, therefore, an element accepted by theoretical physics, but have never existed in the most mysterious places on Earth? In my opinion, the idea is that there are the stargate or that have existed in ancient times.

More and more often we learn of many artifacts or representations of people crossing passages, or strange forms of energy. The men of old did not understand the technology, just as we are trying to understand the possibility of gravitational tunnel.

And if the “Puerta de Hayu Brand” was the end of one of these stargate used by “ancient astronauts” to get on our planet? It could be the reason why many consider Peru one of the focal points of UFOs on our planet? Often he spoke of strange light phenomena that have affected the Titikaka Lake and many witnesses claim to have seen coming out of UFOs. The locals speak always of huge blue light globes, or luminous discs. Were even reported sightings of extraterrestrial beings, described as tall, pale, absolutely different from the South American local population, which has skin and dark hair.



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