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Psycho-sociological hypotheses about UFOs. According to the proponents of this hypothesis, of which the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung is a sort of “flagship”, the UFOs as nothing more than a “modern myth” and flying saucers represent visions, fantastic objectification of an unconscious too harshly repressed.

This hypothesis, though probably valid in certain circumstances, is certainly not able to explain the real flying objects, such as those detected by radar and/or taken by cameras (see for example the videos posted Ecuadorian Air Force), although it may still have a role in their interpretation. Jung himself later admitted that his theory did not apply to the entire series. In fact, Jung considered with detachment and a certain irony to the existence of UFOs as a physical phenomenon, although the last part of his essay he seems willing to give more credit to their actual reality, to cautiously introduce the hypothesis that there is a synchronicity between unconscious and real phenomenon. The socio-psychological hypothesis was developed in the seventies by the French Michel Monnerie and Bertrand Méheust. Monnerie believes that cases of UFO sightings not amenable to conventional explanations (military aircraft, natural phenomena, etc.)

Are due to psychological projections that cause a kind of “waking dream.” Méheust instead invokes cultural factors, believing that a major cause of UFO sightings to be found in science fiction productions (books, movies, television series) in the first half of the twentieth century. Starting psychosocial hypothesis, French Claude mauge developed the “composite reductionist theory about UFOs”, which aims to explain the UFO cases with a set of conventional causes (psychological and sociological causes, natural phenomena, secret military aircraft). In my point of view, what I see, what I know, what I can achieve with my eyes, it’s real! If I see now on the screen for which I am writing my article, it means that it’s real, so if I see in the sky (something that happened to me more than once) an object moving in a way that is so fast almost impossible to report them behind his eyes, it means that it’s real point! If millions of people claim that they are abducted by “them” and have obvious signs, it means that is the real point!

Psycho-sociological hypotheses about UFOs.



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Psycho-sociological hypotheses about UFOs.