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Sign the project was an official study of the US government on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), played in the United States of U.S. Air Force between 1947 and the end of 1948. Officially, the project did not come to any conclusion about the origin of the phenomenon by writing the final report, that “the existence of flying saucers could neither be confirmed nor be disproved.” However, before such a conclusion, most of the Commission’s researchers claimed in an official report not disclosed that in some cases the UFOs were probably of extraterrestrial origin, but when this hypothesis was rejected by the military for lack of evidence the project was canceled. The investigations that they began, were recommended by General Nathan F. Twining, then in charge of the Air Material Command. Earlier, the General of the Air Force at the division of intelligence, George Schulgen, had completed a series of preliminary reports of many sightings, called by the military authorities as “flying saucers”, which received considerable publicity because of the sighting June 24, 1947 by the pilot Kenneth Arnold. The study of Schulgen, was completed in late July 1947, and concluded that flying saucers were actually real flying objects. Schulgen later asked Twining and his command to carry out a deeper analysis of the data with the help of a division of intelligence and engineering located at the Air Force Base Wright-Patterson. The suggestions of the General Twining were approved December 30, 1947 by Major General Laurence C. Craigie, Director of the Department of Research and Development dell’U.S Air Force. According to Craigie directives, the role of the sign project was: “… collect, collate, evaluate and share with government agencies and contractors, all information relating to a sighting phenomena in the atmosphere that may pose a threat national security”. In my point of view, this and many other projects, have gradually eliminated … but why? I have the feeling that when you come to a focal point to know the truth, there is a stronger force that compromises everything and you? what do you think?


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