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Presence everywhere! In all places on the planet! This video was not ever considered why? Friends ufologists, this video like many others has never been taken into consideration, but I do not understand why, because it is very clear that this is not a fake.

I believe that someone or something is trying to hide the Truth or tries to cover up the evidence.

I want to know just what you think, you think that this video is Fake? from my point of view, no! For many reasons, but especially because now I realized that, no longer enough to say: this video is fake, or, this video is authentic, but you have to prove or refute with facts.

Something tells me that the video is really like me! But in a little while when I get in touch with my “friends” and you know who, ask them and then I will tell you.

Friends I am about to enter the world hitherto unknown and I realize that many like me, are beginning to understand that there is something that escapes us in the whole history of Humanity.

There is a something that goes far beyond human comprehension, but now with the new technologies that are finding in the new world, all this will be increasingly clear. So follow me many friends, as you are already doing and find out together really different from those described so far. In fact, only with sharing, with the word and with structured comments can be drawn up studies of the great scientists of the World.

Now with the advent of cameras or smartphones more sophisticated than ever, with the advent of large social networks we’re getting closer to the truth! Why remember friends, the truth sooner or later must necessarily come out!

Presence everywhere! In all places on the planet!



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Presence everywhere! In all places on the planet!