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Pleiades, group of stars is part of the constellation Taurus, located between the Hyades, Aries, and Perseus. It consists of 9 main named stars: Alcyone, Atlas Electra, Maia, Merope, Taygete, Pleione, Celaeno, and Asterope.

The Pleiades are an open cluster visible in the constellation Taurus. This cluster, rather close (440 light years), has several stars visible to the naked eye; although the city environments, only five or six of the brightest stars are visible from a dark place they can count up to twelve. All its components are surrounded by light reflection nebulae, observable especially in long exposure photographs taken with considerable size telescopes. The visible members of the Pleiades stars are blue or white, very bright; clutter has actually hundreds of other stars, most of which are too faint to be visible to the naked eye. The Pleiades are a young star cluster with an estimated age of 100 million years, and a life span of only 250 million years, due to its low density. Because of their brilliance and proximity to one another, the stars of the Pleiades are known from antiquity: Homer the quoted, as well as Ptolemy and other authors of the classical age.

Since it was known that the stars were like celestial bodies to the Sun, he began to accept that they were in some way related to each other; with the study of the proper motion of the stars and the determination of the distances, it was clear that the Pleiades were actually gravitationally bound and have a common origin.

The Pleiades cluster lies to the north of the celestial equator, then, in the northern hemisphere; its declination is approximately 24 ° North, so it is close enough to the celestial equator as to be observable from all populated areas of the Earth to the Antarctic Circle. North of the Arctic Circle instead appears circumpolar, while a degree north of the Tropic of Cancer can be observed at the zenith. The cluster dominates the northern hemisphere, the night sky from the middle of autumn early spring, while the southern hemisphere is a typical object of the summer sky.



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Pleiades, group of stars is part of the constellation Taurus.