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Mystical vision, or theory of ancient astronauts? The Ancient Astronaut Theory is not supported by any proof recognized by the scientific community. The references in the epic texts are interpreted by mainstream science as mythological elements or poetic metaphors; those in religious texts like mystical visions or allegories. Archaeological findings tend to support the theory of ancient astronauts, often described by its proponents as “mysterious” or “unexplained”.

In religion, by sight, it means an immediate understanding, clear, direct and heartfelt as indubitable the presence of God or a supernatural phenomenon.

Usually, the vision is connected to a direct divine communication to the person who has experienced it. vision phenomena are present in the major religions. The Old Testament mentions several cases of vision, which are intended to communicate a divine message.

These visions occur through the appearance of an angel, an inscription, a character or unusual objects, like the burning bush seen by Moses or the fiery chariot seen by the prophet Ezekiel; It does not occur a direct vision of God.

According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad had a vision of the archangel Gabriel in a night of the year 610; during that vision, he was urged to become the Messenger of Allah. This first appearance was followed by others. Muhammad never had a direct vision of God, who according to Islamic conception is invisible to humans, but had experiences theopathy, so indirectly felt the presence of God and his revelations. The origin of the Hindu religious tradition are the rishis. A Rishi is a seer, saint or sage, who had a vision in which were revealed divine truths. Among the rishi most important are the “sacred singers”, which were revealed in the Vedas. In another sacred text, the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11 is one of the most famous of Hinduism visions of God: Krishna, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, allows his disciple Arjuna to see life in its cosmic and divine form. As part of spirituality, a vision is something that is seen in a dream or in a trance or ecstasy and is perceived as an experience in the field of religion or the supernatural. Compared with a common dream, spiritual visions are clearer and have less psychological connotations. In my point of view, this combination of views and Close Encounters can be studied as they represent a something unexplainable mysterious, so surely where there are these two factors, it means that we are faced with “them.”

Mystical vision, or theory of ancient astronauts?



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Mystical vision, or theory of ancient astronauts