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Mu, continent of ancient civilizations or ancient alien races? Mu is a hypothetical lost continent in the Pacific Ocean, described by the Anglo-American James Churchward, based on a translation – later revealed as totally wrong – the nineteenth century Flemish Abbot Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg from a Mayan manuscript.Mayan calendar, should we rewrite the story from the beginning

According to current scientific Knowledge, the existence of such a continent is not compatible with the geological history of the Pacific.

In 1864 the Abbot Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg said, thought to be able to decipher the so-called Troano Code, a Mayan manuscript, by applying the method invented in the sixteenth century by Diego de Landa, a Spanish monaco who became bishop of Yucatan. After having transcribed the tablets, the author began a series of trips around the world in order to substantiate his theories further, which made known with his book Mu, the lost continent. Because of the notoriety that the books of Churchward had obtained at the time, appeared a series of fantastic publications or fanta-archaeological purporting to show how in ancient documents, from time to time Indian, Amerindian, Chinese and so on, you are references to this mysterious lost continent, the existence of which, however, is not compatible with the geological history of the Pacific according to current scientific knowledge.Ajanta, center Indian Union, in the state of Maharashtra.

According to the descriptions of the continent Churchward Mu, located in the Pacific Ocean, it was a vast undulating landscape which had as its northern boundary as the Hawaiian Islands and the southern border an imaginary line drawn between Easter Island and Fiji. From east to west it measured 8000 km and 5000 km in latitude. Mu was rich in tropical vegetation, rivers, lakes and large animals. It was a sort of large garden of Eden. The name derives from the eponymous Greek letter, which would be found engraved on the walls of caves access to the continent.Amphipolis, ancient Greek city of Thrace and Macedonia.

At the time of his death, about 12,000 years ago, according to Churchward it would have been inhabited by 64 million people of various races, over which predominated the white one, with many major cities and colonies in other continents.



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Mu, continent of ancient civilizations or ancient alien races