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Mohenjo Daro: Is a nuclear war broke out? There is talk of a town wiped out by a nuclear bomb more than four million years ago. But how can this be possible since the story that we all know it is tragically that the first atomic bomb was created by the Americans in 1945? The same bomb that ended the Second World War laid on two cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan bringing with it death and destruction, as well as the highly damaging radiation.

The city of which we speak is Mohenjo Daro which means ‘hill of the dead in Pakistan destroyed precisely by a terrible atomic explosion over 4,000 years ago BC, this was the conclusion of the British researcher David Davenport that the writings Hindus study and history of Mohenjo Daro for 12 years during his long career as an archaeologist. In 1979 Davenport also wrote a book about his discovery entitled Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C. and declaring publicly that the epicenter of about 50 meters wide where everything was crystallized, fused or melted.

Sixty meters from the bricks center merge on one side indicating a blast that can not have been caused by a normal fire or another natural phenomenon, and an ancient Hindu manuscript called the Mahabharata was guarded by holy men who wrote that ‘a smoke warm white, a thousand times brighter than the sky reduced the city to ashes, the ‘boiling water, animals and people were burned. A terrible sight ‘from the text looks just like a real slaughter.

The texts are still reporting that 30,000 inhabitants was granted an ultimatum to leave the city within 7 days before the cataclysmic apocalyptic destroy anything he had to shoot, but some people did not take to the warning letter and 44 human skeletons were found in 1927 , a few years after the city was discovered.

The skeletons were flattened to the ground, a family consisting of father, mother and son was found lying in the street with his face down while still holding hands. Please note that the ancient religious texts refer to ‘Vimana‘, a flying object came from the stars. It is supposed that there was a terrible war for domination of the Earth between two powerful alien races ended with the victory of one of them but the losers were, perhaps, the poor inhabitants of Mohenjo Daro. Another enigma is the writings and ideograms of Mohenjo Daro identical to another ancient civilization, the island still remained today Easter both indecipherable.

The mystery of Mohenjo Daro still remains buried under the sand, carrying away with it the evidence of ancient civilizations in this case not always peaceful.



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Mohenjo Daro Is a nuclear war broke out