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Meroe Ancient city of Nubia, in Nile River. Probably founded in the 8th century. BC, was particularly important in the Nubian kingdom, so much so that during the 4th century. B.C. and the sovereigns moved their capital from Napata.

The Meroe monuments show that his civilization was shaped by the influence of the Egyptian who, from the Ptolemaic dynasty, also passed the Hellenistic culture: a latter period are the temple of Amun, the royal city with palaces and bathrooms by the rich pictorial and sculptural decoration and the first royal tombs.

Following the sovereign they chose for their burials further north area, thus giving rise to a second necropolis. Towards Southwest is the oldest temple of Meroe. The city has left epigraphic evidence in hieroglyphic and its own particular alphabet. Also worth mentioning it is the treasury of Candace, dating from the 1st century. B.C. and found in a tomb of the royal necropolis. Near the site, there are some villages called Bragrawiyah. Meroe was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush for several centuries.

The city gave its name to the Island of Meroe Butaana, a region surrounded by three sides by the River Nile. The site of the ancient city features more than two hundred Pyramids, many of which are in ruins, divided into three groups and was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2011.

The city gradually grew in importance with the southward shift of capital made during the Arrakkamani kingdom. Beginning in 280 BC the royal necropolis was moved from Napata to Meroe thus completing the transfer. The last period of the Meroitic town is marked by the stele of victory of an unknown king of Axum; from the text, written in greek, it emerges that the winner was the king of the Axumite and Homeritae; the timing of this sovereign should be around 300. Near a pyramid are two inscriptions were also found written in an archaic form of Ge’ez but it was not possible to determine whether these are contemporary inscriptions of the stele or rear.



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Meroe Ancient city of Nubia, in Nile River.