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Mayan ancient artifacts, revealed by the Mexican government. The Mexican government releases the go-ahead for the airing of a documentary dedicated in which it is publicly revealed the existence of artifacts found about eighty years ago in a Mayan pyramid, which testifies to the ancient alien contact.Mayan pyramid 360

Mayan ancient artifacts, revealed by the Mexican government.

In some findings, alien visits the planet earth could not be clearer and the Government of Mexico is convinced and gave permission to make public the discovery of a series of Maya artifacts from a blow to the official story revealing incredible secrets. E ‘it was made public that 80 years ago a team from the Institute National Anthropology and History (INAH) on the site of Calakmul, Mexico has brought to light a series of stones with engravings to shake the wrists veins: flying disks and alien creatures. The discovery was disclosed by two foreign researchers, Klaus Dona and Nassim Haramein. The case is dealing with the Argentine researcher Bibiana Bryson that at the time has not released official statements, but merely define the case worthy of being thorough. A key element describes a disc that can not be more explicit. You can clearly see four objects, commonly called UFOs, which shows an extraction, an astronaut (5) that controls his ship (6).

The two circles in the center (1) have been interpreted as a planet (Earth) with its atmosphere, and down the smaller circle is supposed to represent the moon.Earth 360

Still trying to interpret what is this perhaps shows a comet (3) with a UFO (2), then to the left, another device (4), which appears to act directly on the comet, it seems a kind of hammer hitting the probable comet. Three UFOs are in the drawing on the stone. Another planet in our solar system seems to be present, but it is difficult to determine what it is. The Mexican Minister of Tourism, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, said that the translation of the code of these objects describes the contacts between the aliens and the Mayans. Traces of 3000 years ago dated landing was found in the jungle, where the remains were found. The Artifacts would be evidence that the Maya intended to populate this planet for thousand of years, they were forced to flee after an invasion “of beings with dark intentions leaving behind evidence of contact with a very advanced race.

In my point of view, there could not be clearer and clearer evidence of the presence of aliens on this planet, and not just recently but perhaps by millions of years.

Mayan ancient artifacts, revealed by the Mexican government.




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Mayan ancient artifacts, revealed by the Mexican government.