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Jesus dead, the tomb reveals his secrets. In the basilica of Jerusalem are being awaited for decades restoration work: for the first time has been brought to light the bedrock on which Jesus’ body was laid. For the first time in centuries, the original surface of what is traditionally considered to be the tomb of Jesus was brought to light. Located in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem, the grave had been covered with a marble slab at the latest in 1555, but probably several centuries before. According to the Gospels and the tradition, after being crucified by the Romans (in a date between 30 and 33 AD) Jesus Christ was laid on a bench inside a limestone cave like tomb already chosen by a loyal, Joseph of Arimathea.

Christians believe that at the dawn of the third day Jesus was resurrected; women who went to visit the tomb found the tomb empty. The bench where he was placed the body is now contained in a small structure inside the basilica, called the Newsstand (from the Latin aedicula, “small house”), which was rebuilt for the last time in 1808-10 after being destroyed by fire. Today the Wayside Shrine and the tomb are the subject of a restoration done by a team from the National Technical University of Athens, under the direction of Antonia Moropoulou, chief scientific supervisor. Bringing to light and studying the bedrock, the researchers aim to better clarify the original form of the tomb, but also to analyze the historical vicissitudes of the site, became the object of veneration by the faithful when, in 326 A.D. Elena, the Roman emperor Constantine‘s mother, identified it as a burial place of Christ. We are at a crucial time for the Edicule restoration. The techniques they are using to analyze this unique monument in the world will allow the whole world to follow the discoveries as if each of us were there, before the tomb of Christ.

Jesus dead, the tomb reveals his secrets.



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Jesus dead, the tomb reveals his secrets.