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Iraqi minister, admits that the Ziggurat as a base for spaceships. For the Iraqi Minister Finjan from there, he left for space travel. In many share the idea that aliens have taught the Ancient Civilizations.

The Iraqi transport minister, Kazem Finjan, said at a conference that the ancient Sumerians, who lived in his country 7000 years ago, had built launching sites from which departed for space travel.

For fans of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Kazem Finjan statement was just a confirmation of things we already knew: in human history, not everything went as we were told in school.

The theorists of ancient astronauts believe that thousands of years ago and an Alien race has visited our planet, leaving blatant evidence (such as the pyramids) but the official science continues to attach (without valid elements) to the hard human labor. But that’s not all: in fact, the ancient astronaut theorists also believe that aliens have made a kind of hybridization, giving rise to the human race. Pure fantasy to science, of course. Now the issue is back in the limelight thanks to statements by an Iraqi minister, who said that the ancient Sumerians, would travel into space with their Spaceships well 7000 years ago.

The Sumerians settled in the southern part of the Iraq around 5000 B.C. and developed trade, agriculture, breeding, and metallurgy. The press conference video was posted on Twitter by the Shiite researcher Hayder Al-Khoei, who commented: “It was a very awkward moment, but no one dared to contradict him.

” The author of the declaration of the Minister of Transport of Iraq Kazem Finjan, firmly convinced that the Thi Qar town has hosted the oldest spaceport on the planet. As expected, the news caused a stir and disbelief especially among the journalists present at the conference, to which Mr. Finjan reiterated: “I know what I mean.”


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Iraqi minister, admits that the Ziggurat as a base for spaceships.