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Inevitable question, you had doubts? Aliens & U.F.O. Could not believe it! Friends ufologists, for the case to date have had doubts? Well with this video most of your doubts will disappear, as if by magic. I challenge any of you to tell me that this video is a fiction, gentlemen this video is original as I am! Most of you now understood that we are invaded by them. They do as they please, and we are not aware. In this video you see very clearly that the reference disk is doing some exercise. As you can see in this video, in the past, and the next you’ll see, they cut through the clouds, have a similar technology to the cloud material. This technology pushes them beyond the boundaries of the universe, they are lighter than air and does not emit any noise. In the video you can see the difference between our and their planes, to note a series of lights that can be seen very clearly in the first album, what do you think friends, finally you still have doubts? I think not. Honestly, I find it very unlikely that there are so sophisticated technology, but then we have to retrace another story. For example, in ancient times when they colonized the lands still full of natives, who had never seen a plane. Certain that when those tribes have seen the first plane to fly over above them, the first thing I thought: “I am the Gods!!

” They could not understand that kind of technology because they were too far back, well and so are the humans against “them”, humans fail to understand these technologies, but only because they can not understand, does not mean they do not exist .. … Indeed human and I need to embark on a path of Knowledge, and get to understand these strange technologies.

Inevitable question, you had doubts? Aliens & U.F.O.



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Inevitable question, you had doubts Aliens & U.F.O.