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Imagination of our ancestors? Or is it pure reality? Visions, tales .. or reality ?? Ufologists friends, traveling companions, I want to emphasize these results that our grandparents have done long ago.

Looking at these images, video, what comes to mind? To me I can think of only one thing, and that our ancestors, thousands of years ago when they raised their heads to the sky, have really seen flying saucers. Thousands of years ago, according to you and according to our sources, they had the fantasy of getting up in the morning and draw these representations so for invention? I do not think so! I think all those things that portrayed, actually saw the clear skies of the past and not corrupted by the sight of dark clouds covered with smog. Friends but really think that our ancestors had the word fantasy in their brains? They represented all you really saw, circular objects, strange men, giants, monsters, and in particular “other.” Live with this reality, actually they saw them, saw them as gods and is the reason why I respect them, but I do not think they were afraid of “them.” We must remember that the ancient tribes, have kept the customs and rituals because those famous gods, as were once on Earth, will return to be, in fact, today there are!Earth 360

Millions of sightings are witnessing today, now whoever says otherwise is to make exclusively for conjecture. Almost all human now, they know they are not the only “smart” race, in the past “they” were viewed as gods, we can understand them as our villagers of this vast universe! Certainly it is to say that once our ancestors, the Gods considered them to multiple factors, rightly when peering into the sky their starships thought were divine beings, but even today humans can fly, so it is no longer a thing to admired as before, this is just one of many reasons, but there are many.

Imagination of our ancestors? Or is it pure reality?



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Imagination of our ancestors? Or is it pure reality?