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Ignis Fatuus (inexplicable) the wisps are usually blue flames occurring at ground level in special places such as cemeteries, marshes, and ponds in the moors. The best time to observe them would seem to be in the hot nights of August. It is derived from the combustion of methane flames and phosphate due to the decomposition of organic remains. The legends about the wisps are many. In antiquity, they were believed the soul’s existence proof. Some northern populations rather believed that he was following them their own destiny. The ancient Egyptians believed instead that the longer a person had been “good” in his earthly life, the more his Akh (the Light, the soul of a person under the Egyptian religion) is illuminated, giving rise to what we now call wisps.

The origin of the phenomenon is far from being clarified, and to date, there is no evidence of the real existence of wisps in nature. However, among the many theories, it stands out on the oxidation of phosphine and methane produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic carbon, which can cause a bright light due to chemiluminescence. The stories in Britain are all alike regarding the characteristic of the light wickedness same or whoever brings. In the traditions of many Northern Europeans countries, Scandinavia in the first place, we find the “lantern” in the hands of an elf who lights a flame at the places where he hid the treasure, thus giving the opportunity to people to get rich. In my point of view, it is useless for modern scientists and not try to explain this event, it is impossible to explain why you may not know. These events are derived, manufactured, only issued from an upper entity, it would seem of advanced technology errors that live in another dimension that is not visible to humans. I even think that they are of extraterrestrial gas leaks belonging to such alien craft (UFO / USO) Also because you always see in the vicinity of moisture or water. My previous experiences have taught me to understand a simple thing: where there are strange phenomena, it means that there are “them.”

Ignis Fatuus (inexplicable) the wisps are usually blue flames.



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Ignis Fatuus (inexplicable) the wisps are usually blue flames.