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Heavenly bodies … yes, but … are they moving? According to you, you can manipulate a telescope? Ufologists friends, at this time you can hear the trumpet sound to my ears, how nice! I invite you to watch the video and ask you, always politely, you think you can manipulate a telescope? I do not believe, and so if my theory is right, in this video you can see very clearly, that we are now invaded by “them”.

Everything is fantastic, extraordinary, just through a telescope with integrated nightlight we see these fantastic beings of light.

Other than shooting stars or comets, here it is clear that they are “them.” Friends I can finally believe me when I say “they” exist and are among us, this is a tangible proof, I am very happy to show you this video when I see him, I get the chills on my back forever.

So, as usual, our governments we are born everything, why not say so, because they keep us in the dark? now we are in the 21st century, just !! My it not meant to be an exclamation senseless, but it is anything but a dry word because I got tired all the cover-ups of governments. In the distant past, all these visions, which also were made to the naked eye (because the heavens were once clear as clear water or do you want me why our ancestors were aware of the existence of them) were to the agenda! Now friends are rare to see a spaceship closely, but I can guarantee you that while you live on this planet, even “they” live! Do not we pay attention to my vehemence, but they are really angry, but now friends watch this wonderful video.

Heavenly bodies … yes, but … are they moving?



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Heavenly bodies ... yes, but ... are they moving